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YOGAMIGOS: Mindful movement & wellbeing education

When has there been a more important time to teach students and staff about essential mindfulness and wellbeing practices? An engaging incursion with YOGAMIGOS is the perfect addition to your wellbeing program.

Whether you’re looking to complement your ‘Wellness Week’ activities or looking for a professionally trained Wellbeing Educator to introduce your students to Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, and Mindful Movement to support your Mental Health initiatives – we can help you. Your incursion will be customised to suit your students and learning outcomes.

An engaging incursion with YOGAMIGOS is the perfect addition to your wellbeing program. Our team of highly skilled wellbeing educators are trained in evidence-based yoga, pilates, and mindfulness practices tailored to meet the needs of students and teachers. We support students (and staff ) with once-off incursions, regular weekly sessions, and whole of cohort/whole day programs.

Benefits of our wellbeing programs: Promote self-esteem and positive self-image. Improve individual and social awareness. We provide a range of breathing techniques to use in everyday life. Calm and settle the mind to enhance cognitive focus in the classroom.

Enhance physical strength, fitness, and flexibility. Improve fine and gross motor skills. Boost sensory, communication, and creativity abilities.

Choose your path to mindful movement and wellbeing: Mindfulness and/or Mindful Movement Incursion (all ages) Yoga or Pilates Incursion (all ages) Introduction to Mindfulness (all ages) Mindfulness and Movement for all abilities (Special Needs Program with a focus on sensory activities) Kindy/Early Childhood Incursion (playful and age-appropriate)

Professional Development Workshops for staff (as part of staff meetings or PD Days) Staff Wellness Sessions Talks on the benefits of Mindfulness at School (interactive and engaging) Talks for Education Students at University (Teachers to be) on Self-care and Breathing techniques

Students and staff instantly experience the benefits of our wellbeing programs and can take these skills into their daily lives. Movement and physical activity are an essential part of the Australian Curriculum, and students of all ages can learn how to move and understand mindfulness to enhance their mental health and physical wellbeing.

For over 11 years, the YOGAMIGOS team has helped Aussie kids access wellbeing programs that build strength, flexibility, and relaxation while simultaneously encouraging kids to have fun. Our incursions promote exercise, positivity, and mindfulness to students of all ages. We look forward to working with you and your educational community.

YOGAMIGOS is a national service provider, with over 250 teachers across Australia, we deliver our wellbeing programs to schools, universities, and ELCs in all major cities, regional towns and rural areas.

Exclusive offer for Education Australia readers Receive a FREE online Professional Development session for staff. Learn movement and mindfulness techniques to calm and reset the mind and body, as well as tips and tricks to implement mindfulness in the classroom.

Use this code when you book: EducationAustraliaRG


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