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CHAMP Programs: How critical is staff wellbeing?

How are your staff going?

No…how are they REALLY going?

Are they surviving or flourishing? 

Do they have a good relationship with their peers and Leadership? 

Are they struggling with student or parent issues? 

Or do they look like they’re going ok? Well that’s great, but bear in mind many people have a way of looking like they are travelling ok but underneath they are struggling. They put on a stoic facade … until it crumbles.

How do you get to know what staff are really experiencing? 

Are there effective channels of communication for feedback or sharing of issues? Or is it just through occasional conversations? These conversations are valuable of course, but what opportunities are there to learn of the deeper issues that affect the wellbeing of your staff, and the effectiveness in their roles.

CHAMP Programs has been established to help schools care for their staff, and help them develop as happier, healthier and more positive people.

Our independent, confidential, online survey is one part of this process. It allows School Leadership to discover the positive aspects in their school which they can build on and maintain. Additionally, Leadership can become aware of feedback regarding spiritual, emotional, social and relational wellbeing factors amongst their staff.

Healthy staff are productive staff and productive staff are at the core of the school, ensuring the students and parents are provided for in the best way possible, and therefore the educational outcomes and culture within the school thrive.

It is interesting to note an article by APACS (Australian Psychologists And Counsellors In Schools) in the March issue of Education Australia Resource Guide that also stresses the importance of Educator wellbeing. As per this article, CHAMP Programs, through its Surveys, Reports and Workshops, is able to assist schools with giving staff a voice, providing deep and meaningful data, recommending meaningful change and encouraging ongoing interventions.

If you would like to know more about how you can care for your staff, contact us or visit our website. 

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