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Stronger Brains: The challenge facing schools

  • A growing number of students are struggling. Some reports estimate this is as high as 1 in 2 students post-COVID.

  • Increasingly, people are asking if neuroscience can help.

Help is on the way…

Neuro-education provides computer-based tools which utilise brain plasticity to enhance brain function resulting in better student wellbeing, behaviour, and learning capacity.

Underpinned by decades of research, neuroscientists can now explain how the human brain learns, and how each brain is different in terms of key functions such as working memory, focus and attention, processing speed, social cognition, and executive function – functions which, like the body, can be strengthened through targeted exercise.

Stronger Brains is an award-winning, Australian charity committed to seeing ALL students develop their strongest brains for learning and for life.

The Stronger Brains program is collaborative and affordable, combining the best of brain science with human engagement and trauma-informed teaching to strengthen student wellbeing, behaviour, and ability to learn through a personalised, adaptive, brain-based program.

Our program has achieved remarkable, objective, scientific, evidence-based success in Australia and is now sought after in the UK, USA and Canada.

Like each brain is different, we find each school is different, so our delivery model is adaptive to your preferred way of working – from intensive, individual programs to STEM electives for selected year groups or whole-of-school participation. Stronger Brains is suitable for all students in upper primary and secondary level, with the biggest gains seen in students with the most need. From students with high ACE scores, to neurodivergent, ESL students, neurotypical, STEM, and gifted and talented students - all students benefit and improve from a stronger brain.

Stronger Brains offers:

  • Professional Development workshops for all staff

  • On-the-job training for key staff in program implementation under our Train-The-Trainer model

  • Online student brain health assessment which creates a personalised learning plan

  • Daily, online brain education lessons, written by world-leading neuroscientist and Stronger Brains co-founder, Dr Michael Merzenich

  • Daily, personalised empowerment program which builds engagement, confidence, and calming techniques

  • Daily, online brain training program created by Dr Merzenich to measurably build new neural pathways and build job skills of the future workforce

  • Optional STEM elective program

  • Continuous client service including data monitoring, data analysis and progress reports

  • Parent/carer information sessions.

0414 976 940


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