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Livingstone International: Empowering educational institutions with Livingstone International’s supplies

Educational institutions stand as the cornerstone of knowledge and personal growth, nurturing the minds of the future. To safeguard the well-being and academic excellence of students and staff, schools and universities must be equipped to face any challenge that arises. Livingstone International recognises the vital importance of first aid and science supplies in various settings and is dedicated to delivering top-notch products.

Proudly celebrating 40 years of Australian ownership, Livingstone International stands as a leading provider of educational supplies. Catering to a diverse range of educational institutions, including early learning centres, primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education for universities and TAFE, Livingstone International is the trusted supplier for post-graduate programs as well.

Our key strength lies in providing a one-stop-shop solution, centralising and streamlining customer procurement, reducing costs, and enhancing supply chain management.

Our extensive range of over 65,000 products surpasses Australian, European, and American standards. We deliver the tools that ensure the safety and academic success of students and staff across first aid, science, laboratory, cleaning and arts and crafts supplies. From top-notch first aid kits to essential science equipment, we are your partner in fostering a successful educational environment.

Equipping for Emergencies: First Aid Supplies

In the field of education, first aid supplies act as silent guardians, tucked away in cabinets and offices, ready to spring into action when needed. From minor scrapes to more serious incidents, having the right supplies readily available ensures quick and efficient care. The importance of these supplies cannot be overstated in a learning environment, where safety is paramount.

We focus on prioritising safety with the highest product standards and quality.

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the classroom. Whether it's a small mishap during a science experiment, a sports-related injury, or incidents during excursions and playground activities, prompt access to first aid supplies empowers teachers and staff to respond effectively. This not only soothes worried students but also minimises disruptions to the learning process.

First Aid Supplies by Livingstone International

Livingstone provides a comprehensive range of first aid supplies, meticulously designed to address various emergencies and ensure campuses are well-prepared. Our high-quality adhesive strips provide secure wound closure, aiding in the prevention of further injury.

Gauze and swabs, integral for wound care, stopping bleeding, and preventing infection, further augment our offerings. Additionally, Livingstone's wound dressings, available in silicone and foam, are essential for providing effective care during injuries.

Facilitating Learning: Science and Laboratory Supplies

The journey of scientific discovery is rich and multifaceted. It involves more than just brilliant minds; it requires the tools and equipment to explore and experiment. Science supplies play a pivotal role in supporting the advancement of knowledge, enabling students to delve into complex theories and concepts.

Livingstone International extends its product range to cover a spectrum of science supplies, from high-quality laboratory equipment crucial for experiments to instruments designed to meet the specific needs of scientific endeavours. Glassware, plasticware, and chemicals provided by Livingstone support a wide array of research and experimentation.

Addressing the Top Childhood Injuries with Livingstone International's Products

In the pursuit of creating safe educational environments, it is crucial to be aware of the prevalent types of injuries affecting children. Statistics from a study conducted by Australia-Wide First Aid reveal insightful data on the incidence of injuries leading to hospitalisations in children.¹  


Falls, accounting for 38.4% of hospitalisations, are a pervasive risk across all age groups of children. Livingstone International's range of high-quality wound dressings, adhesive strips, and wound care supplies ensures a swift and effective response to injuries sustained from falls.

Road Transport Accidents:

Recognising road transport accidents as a significant cause of childhood injury, especially in the 11-16 age group, Livingstone provides essential first aid supplies to address injuries sustained in vehicles, as pedestrians, or on bicycles and motorcycles.

Injury Related to Inanimate Mechanical Forces:

Livingstone's comprehensive product range is well-equipped to handle injuries related to inanimate mechanical forces. From bandages to wound care solutions, our products are designed to address injuries resulting from being struck by or against objects.

Sports Injuries:

With sporting activities being a prime cause of injuries in children aged 6-16, Livingstone's commitment to quality and safety extends to a diverse range of products suitable for sports-related injuries. From bandages to cooling packs, our supplies support a quick and effective response to sports injuries.

The Benefits of Choosing Livingstone Products

Livingstone International is known not only for its commitment to quality but also for ethical sourcing practices and for reducing its carbon footprint. Choosing our first aid and science supplies for educational institutions yields several benefits:

SEDEX Partner: Livingstone International is a member of SEDEX, a global membership organisation used to manage labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. This ensures better management of social and environmental risks within their supply chain, to make a real positive impact with responsible sourcing.

Compliance: Our product range includes items with various certifications like ARTG Listed, ASTM, AS/NZ, and HACCP Grade, ensuring that educational institutions stay compliant with guidelines.

Quality Assurance: Livingstone International is renowned for providing high-quality supplies and ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff. Every order undergoes rigorous quality testing, ensuring the highest standards.

Cost-Effectiveness: Livingstone's products offer a cost-effective solution for schools and universities without compromising on quality.

Livingstone offers unmatched protection providing complete coverage for all needs. 

Unrivalled Distribution Network for Seamless Supply

A key strength that sets Livingstone International apart is its unrivalled distribution network. With six strategically located warehouses across Australia, we ensure that our clients experience a seamless and uninterrupted supply chain. This network guarantees timely delivery, eliminating backorders and providing a level of service that institutions can depend on.

Innovation as a Driving Force

Livingstone International stands out as a pioneer in the healthcare supplies industry through its unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. By investing in research and development, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our products align with the latest advancements and address the evolving needs of the healthcare landscape.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Through ESG Programs

Understanding the responsibility as a leading provider, Livingstone International's commitment to ethical sourcing and trading extends to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. These initiatives are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. From eco-friendly packaging to energy-efficient practices, Livingstone actively engages in initiatives that contribute to a greener planet.

Livingstone has been recognised by the prestigious IBIS World Industry Report OD499 March 2023 as the leading No. 1 online medical supplier in Australia. Livingstone serves various industries with our extensive product offerings and exceptional service for your everyday consumable needs.

A Diverse Range of Essential Products for Education

Livingstone International offers a diverse range of essential products tailored for educational institutions. From first aid supplies ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff to science supplies nurturing the spirit of discovery, our offerings are designed to enhance the educational environment.

Easy Online Ordering for Hassle-Free Procurement

Livingstone International understands the importance of a streamlined procurement process. Our easy online ordering system through the Livingstone website ensures a hassle-free experience for educational institutions. Users can shop by product range and category, simplifying the purchasing process and guaranteeing the availability of essential supplies when needed.

We Are You Trusted Partner for Life! 

With a 40-year legacy, Livingstone International holds its position as a leading provider of first aid and science supplies. Our extensive range of over 65,000 products surpasses Australian, European, and American standards. With $48 million worth of stock on hand and six strategically located warehouses nationwide, we guarantee timely deliveryand eliminate backorders.

Partnering with Livingstone means access to unparalleled supply chain capabilities and uninterrupted supply.


1. Australia Wide First Aid. (2022).  5 Most Common Childhood Injuries.

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