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Discovery Education: How a “little and often” approach to learning can help your students succeed!

It's widely acknowledged that children struggle with retaining all the information presented to them in school. At the same time, teachers face the formidable task of navigating an extensive curriculum, whilst ensuring pupils genuinely understand everything they’ve learned. And finding the time to consistently revisit topics? That just adds another layer of complexity for teachers. 

This is where a ‘little and often’ or ‘spaced repetition’ approach can help. Spaced repetition involves regularly revisiting learned information, helping with long-term retention. 

A significant number of studies show that spacing out teaching and learning of new concepts over time can improve pupil learning across all ages and subject areas! 

Created by teachers, for teachers, DoodleLearning has been designed to enhance in-class teaching and build positive learning skills through the ‘little and often’ approach. 

Doodle creates every child their own personalised work programme using Proxima™, a clever algorithm which identifies their learning gaps, and regularly revisiting tricky topics. It sets work that's precisely tailored to their needs, letting them work at their own pace and within their zone of proximal development. 

Filled with thousands of interactive exercises from Kindergarten to Year 12, and aligned with the British, US and Australian National Curriculum, Doodle covers all key maths and English content, helping pupils become better all-around learners, both in school and beyond. 

And, just 10 minutes of Doodle a day is proven to double a child’s rate of progression! You can read more about the findings here: 

With Doodle, schools aren’t just investing in their pupils’ academic progress: they’re also helping to build confident, resilient individuals who are ready to take on challenges and open the doors to exciting new opportunities! 

An insight into our four educational apps 

  • DoodleMaths explores numerical reasoning and problem solving in a fun, approachable way, giving pupils core skills to help them succeed. With challenges to complete, avatars to build, and virtual badges to earn, pupils are motivated to Doodle ‘little and often’. 

  • DoodleTables helps pupils develop their divisions and master multiplications! Unlike other programmes, DoodleTables doesn’t just develop instant recall – it supports pupils' knowledge of the relationships between numbers, giving them a solid foundation of understanding to build on in school. 

  • DoodleEnglish boosts academic progress by +2.3 years in just 12 months! Covering comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation, DoodleEnglish helps pupils develop key literacy skills and gain a genuine love of learning, ensuring continual progression in English. 

  • DoodleSpell helps pupils understand the meaning behind words and how to use them in sentences, improving their vocabulary and taking them beyond ‘look, cover, write, check’. You can even upload your own spelling lists to target any tricky words catching them out! 

Ways to use Doodle in your school 

Finding time to organise, plan and run interventions can feel near impossible. Luckily, Doodle lets pupils sets work at just the right level, so they can work at their own pace, without adult support. This, in turn, helps pupils become resilient, independent learners, whilst reducing staff workload. 

And because Doodle is designed to be used for 10 minutes a day, even the most reluctant learners are engaged and able to experience success. This could be during challenging transition times, a morning starter, or a ‘tablet time’ reward (oh yes, they’ll be asking to Doodle!). 

Staff can also easily set extra work in any area of the curriculum at the click of a button, making Doodle an ideal pre-teaching, consolidation or homework solution. It’s also great as a quick extension task for those speedy learners who always want more – the options are endless! 

In fact, a study conducted by the University of Bath (UK) proved that children who use Doodle for just 20 minutes a week are 4x less likely to experience learning loss than their peers, making it the perfect learning loss prevention tool too. 

Doodle supports teachers 

With a wide range of abilities in the classroom and many teachers without additional support staff, Doodle helps teachers give extra support, conduct planned interventions, whilst reducing their workload and ensuring all pupils are engaged. 


  • Encourages independent learning, letting children work unaided at their own pace in the classroom. This frees up teachers to conduct interventions and focus group work, knowing the rest of the class are focused (and having fun!). 

  • Improves children’s understanding of numbers and words, as well as instant recall, building key numerical skills that can be applied to real-world maths. 

  • Continually assesses each child’s progress, keeping them working within their zone of proximal development. 

  • Makes the perfect revision partner for tests and exams, keeping learning interesting and exciting, whilst raising attainment and boosting confidence. 

  • Automatically marks work and displays results in the online Teacher Hub, removing the need for traditional classroom tests (and queues for the printer), as well as letting teachers easily perform interventions in the classroom with instantly accessible data. 

  • Provides invaluable data, such as the % of EoY objectives covered, that can be instantly exported. This makes it easy to track pupils’ progress over time, helping with teacher handovers, Pupil Progress Meetings and report writing. 

‘The children absolutely love it!’ 

It’s fair to say that children love using our apps – in fact, learning doesn't always feel like learning with Doodle! 

  • Makes learning fun: From measuring angles with a protractor to tracing letters, Doodle’s hands-on activities explore concepts in a fun, approachable way, removing any anxieties pupils may have about maths and English. 

  • Seasonal challenges: Our Spring Challenge 2023 saw 16,000+ pupils sign up to complete 10 minutes of Doodling a day over the UK Easter holiday to earn an exclusive pin badge and certificate – at no extra cost to schools. 

  • Carefully crafted questions: Every question and topic explanation has been carefully crafted to suit all types of learner, ensuring that Doodle is accessible to all. 

  • Promotes independent learning: By setting work at just the right level, Doodle lets all children work without supervision, helping to boost their confidence and resilience. 

  • Levels the playing field: Doodle rewards children for their effort rather than their ability, letting even the least confident pupils work alongside each other and experience ongoing success. 

  • Makes screen time count: Kids love technology. That’s why Doodle transforms screentime into a positive experience, promoting ‘little and often’ usage and turning homework into something they look forward to! 

Accessible learning for everyone! 

Doodle encourages all pupils to work independently with a range of question styles and learning in-app scaffolding help features. 

Accessibility options, including audio dictation and coloured overlays, are also on hand to support pupils and encourage independent learning. Audio dictation enables all children to access questions irrespective of their reading age or ability, removing a big barrier to both in-class and home learning. 

Stuck on a question? We know how frustrating it can be for pupils when they’re not sure of the answer. That’s why all our Doodle programmes provide them with helpful hints and lets them highlight questions as ‘Tricky Questions’ which they can go over with a teacher, parent/ guardian or peer later. 

Carefully curated concept explanations in DoodleMaths help pupils have a deeper understanding of their learning – that ‘lightbulb’ moment! 

Plus, Doodle can be used offline and accessed on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops, letting pupils learn anywhere, anytime. It could be on the playground for outdoor lesson time, or in the car on the way to school – learning knows no bounds with Doodle! 

We’re here to support you, every step of the way 

Although it uses an advanced algorithm, Doodle is very much a human company. Each school has a designated School Success Advisor: teaching specialists who are on hand to offer support and advice on implementing Doodle into their school, at any time. 

We regularly run free webinars for both new and existing customers, ensuring they’re getting the most out of our programmes. Plus, Doodle’s dedicated Customer Support team are available for parents to ask any questions to, rather than having to go through teachers, who we know are already incredibly busy. 

Reducing teacher workloads, enhancing learning experiences and creating confident and independent individuals who are ready to take on challenges with greater resilience and courage? It’s a no-brainer! With Doodle, schools are creating a healthier and more positive environment for staff and pupils alike – why not come and join the fun? 

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