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LEGO® Education: Bring science to life for your primary school students with new lessons from LEGO® Education

Did you know your primary school students can learn physical, earth, space and life science with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential? 25 new lessons are now available across 5 units targeting key science areas, designed to boost your students’ engagement in science via learning through play.

Teachers can feel confident in delivering a holistic STEAM experience while being fully

supported with lesson plans that include guidance on preparation, facilitation and


The LEGO Group SPIKE Essential kit includes:

  • 100+ hours of highly engaging lessons, including 50 hours of new units that emphasise the Science in STEAM.

  • 10 units for primary school including 5 focused on key science areas.

  • Simple lesson plans including ideas for differentiation, tips for facilitation, questions and answers to use during the lessons, background information on topics and recommendations for relevant coding tutorials.

  • Additional literacy and maths extension activities for cross-curricular and core-curricular contribution.

Access the new lessons:

Learn more about SPIKE Essential:


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