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Ledgea: The mission of Schoolista is to automate school management

Strength in Numbers

Our strength is in numbers - in complex computations and business logic.

It is human nature to become attracted to a stylish or graphical user interface. But truth be told the real work happens beyond what we see in style and in user forms, and how your system automates the processes behind the user interface becomes more important. At the end of the day the decision makers and users rely on the resulting numbers, totals, averages, analytics, and the bottom lines that are derived from raw data. It also matters how these results are produced. You would hear a lot of technical terms such as integration, programming interfaces, batch processing, or data conversions - and the more complicated automation becomes.

Our goal is to simplify the complex.

Policy Change Management

The other concern is that school policies change. Policies also usually vary even within several areas of one school. While the traditional approach is to customize software we aim to give your school flexibility in current and future policies while maintaining historical logic intact.

In Schoolista, we provide schools the capability to produce results with the flexibility to handle different policies now and the future without disregarding the past.

From Front to Back

We provide software and services for your school's Front Office to the Back Office:

Enlistment/Enrolment with Block or Irregular Schedules

Student Fees Assessment Curriculum Validation Class/Resource Scheduling and Conflict Verification

Gradebook with Grade Components and Breakdowns

College, K-12 Grading, Complex Averages and Aggregation

Grading with Non-numeric Grades, Letters, Narratives

Preschool or Special Education Checklists

Real-time GL/Back Office

General Ledger, Accounting and Finance, Financial Statements

Billing, Payables, Disbursements, Receipts and Journals

School/University Payroll, Attendance/Leaves and Loans Management

3D Budget Management, Budget Encumbrance

Surveys and Evaluations

Student and Parent Surveys

Faculty Evaluation

Employee Evaluation

We can assist you in different ways

School Management System, Data and Records Migration, Data and Records Digitization, Business and Process Analysis, Implementation Services, Learning Management System.


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