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Essential Assessment: sets the standard for numeracy and literacy assessment in Australian schools

Essential Assessment is a leading provider of a unique assessment and curriculum model that delivers a wholeschool approach to summative and formative assessment. Essential Assessment resources can be easily implemented into each school’s teaching and learning program, offering consistent, curriculum-aligned data to track and monitor Numeracy and Literacy growth.

Schools that partner with Essential Assessment can access Numeracy and Literacy resources, such as My Numeracy (online maths activities), My Literacy (online English activities), Sunset Maths (mental maths application), Jetpack Algebra (algebraic concepts application), My Spelling (online spelling application) and paper-based learning plans

and curriculum resources.

Educators pre-assess students within each strand or sub-strand of the Australian, Victorian, or NSW Syllabus, with student results automatically compiled into a detailed summary of current achievement levels. Additionally, achievement standards understood and misunderstood can help educators determine what comes next in a teaching and learning program.

Essential Assessment differentiates the curriculum within each sub-strand based on student assessment results, quickly creating a tailored paper-based and online curriculum (My Numeracy and My Literacy) for each student, group, or class.

My Numeracy and My Literacy (differentiated and personalised formative assessments) provide interactive teaching and learning functions that enable students to progress through each content description and proficiency strand of the curriculum. Ongoing

personalised assessment and curriculum activities and tasks allow students to grow their knowledge from their current understandings.

Post-assessment identifies each student’s Australian Curriculum Achievement Level, Victorian Curriculum Achievement Level or NSW Common Grade, demonstrating the growth achieved by each student. Continued class and cohort data analysis within each strand and sub-strand are provided, along with guidance on the developed and potential Numeracy and Literacy progressions within each subelement to grow teaching and learning outcomes.

An expert team of Australian educators at Essential Assessment create assessment resources that support a best-practice approach to teaching and learning. Each assessment, curriculum activity and content item aligns with the new Australian and Victorian Curriculum F-10 and NSW K-10 Syllabus, emphasising student growth through achievement.

Essential Assessment supports whole-school growth and achievement. School leadership can access data across each student cohort in the current school year and over progressive years to help with decision-making when planning Literacy and Numeracy growth.

Over 3,000 Australian schools trust Essential Assessment as their assessment and curriculum resource partner. To learn more, visit

1300 449 025


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