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Corsight: Facial Intelligence Recognition: Reimagining NSW Student Safety

At Corsight AI, we are committed to shaping a safer and more efficient future with

our cutting-edge facial recognition solutions.

We believe that this technology can play a pivotal role in addressing several challenges faced by educational institutions, such as the NSW Department of Education. For example:

  • Enhancing School Security: Corsight AI's facial recognition can be employed to bolster security at school entrances. By verifying the identities of students and staff as they enter the premises, unauthorised individuals can be prevented from gaining access. This ensures a safe learning environment and helps identify students at risk of unsanctioned departure or engaging in risky behaviours.

  • Streamlining Attendance Tracking: Our technology can automate attendance tracking, liberating teachers from time-consuming administrative tasks and providing more accurate attendance data, allowing educators to focus on what they do best - teaching.

  • Measuring Student Engagement: Our facial recognition can collect data on students' engagement and attention levels (interactions behind the teacher’s back, focus on presentations, etc.), enabling educators to fine-tune their teaching methods and enhance the learning environment.

  • Securing Exams: To ensure the correct student is sitting for their exams, our technology can be implemented to verify student identities during examination sessions, as well as to reveal illicit behaviour.

  • Preventing Unauthorised Departures: Corsight AI's facial recognition can also prevent students from leaving school grounds without permission, ensuring their safety. In the event that they do manage to leave the premises, all actions are recorded and associated with the specific student.

Why Corsight?

Corsight AI is a leader in providing facial recognition solutions across various sectors, including schools, corporations and law enforcement agencies. What sets us apart is our unique technology capable of accurately and swiftly detecting faces and behaviours in challenging real-world situations. This includes scenarios with distant or difficult camera angles, low-quality images, partially covered faces, or limited lighting.

Moreover, and especially important for the education sector, Corsight AI places a strong emphasis on data security and privacy, with a foundation built on these principles. We implement rigorous data governance practices prioritising data quality, reliability, access protocols, and proper data processing. By adhering to these practices, Corsight AI ensures that the company and its partners meet legal and ethical responsibilities regarding data and privacy. Your students' safety and privacy are of paramount importance to us.

Corsight AI stands ready to partner with the NSW Department of Education to create a safer, more efficient, and secure educational environment through the power of facial

recognition technology. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future in education.

Contact Sean Borg - Managing Director on the details below.

0499 874 265


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