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iFLY Holdings: Taking education to new heights

Are you ready to elevate your students' STEM learning experience? At iFLY, learning is not confined to the classroom. That's why we've developed an exceptional STEM program that takes education to thrilling new heights.

Our unique vertical wind tunnel offers students an unforgettable way to discover the exciting world of STEM. Crafted by educators and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, our program ensures that learning STEM is not just educational, but also incredibly fun.

What to expect on an iFLY STEM excursions

Every iFLY STEM excursion is an immersive educational experience.

It includes:

  • Interactive STEM Presentation: Delivered by our dedicated iFLY STEM educator, the presentation aims to engage and inspire students by showcasing the real-world applications of STEM principles.

  • Physics Demonstration: Students witness the forces of physics in action with an engaging wind tunnel demonstration.

  • Classroom Experiment: Before taking flight, students make predictions and measure tunnel speeds, providing hands-on experience with the scientific method.

  • Hands-On Flying Instruction: Safety is paramount at iFLY. Students receive one-on-one supervision and flying instruction from our highly-trained and certified instructors.

  • Flying Time: The highlight of the day! Students take flight in the wind tunnel, experiencing the thrill of defying gravity.

  • Pre and Post-Excursion Classroom Activities: To enhance the learning experience, we provide both pre and post-excursion classroom activities that complement the adventure.

  • Photos and Videos: To ensure the memories last, students receive photos of their flying experience.

Learning goals achieved with iFLY STEM

Our STEM excursions aim to achieve several important learning goals:

  • Inspiring STEM Careers: We introduce students to many exciting STEM careers, sparking their interest in future possibilities.

  • Real-World Application: Students see STEM principles come to life as they witness their effects in a dynamic, real-world environment.

  • Understanding Fluid Dynamics: Students grasp the properties of fluids and how they exert forces on solid objects, providing valuable insights into the world of physics.

  • Mathematics in Action: Our excursions incorporate mathematics by understanding proportional relationships with algebra, using decimals, scientific notation, and unit conversions to perform calculations, and graphing and interpreting results.

  • Critical Thinking: Students learn to understand variability, uncertainty, and error in science, nurturing their critical thinking skills.

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