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Australian Teacher Aide: What’s on the Australian Teacher Aide Live Web Event Calendar?

This year, Australian Teacher Aide (ATA) has commenced another series of live web events to support schools with professional learning for education support staff. Read about four highly popular events below.

Introducing ATAPS – A performance and professional growth framework

We started the series in February, when Stella Liliendal, Co-founder and Director of Australian Teacher Aide, demonstrated how schools can use the Australian Teaching Assistant Professional Standards (ATAPS) to support the performance and professional growth of education support staff. ATAPS is currently being piloted in 12 schools and 1 jurisdiction in Australia, and through this last web event, ATA offered school leaders and teaching assistants a head start by viewing the framework, and using the standards in preparation for their release later this year. The webinar recording is available to our school members in our Professional Development library under the interest group, School Performance and Development.

How Teachers and Teacher Aides Work Together to Support Students with Autism

At our next live web event, scheduled for 12th March, Ros Sullivan, Deputy Principal, and Laura Newman, Head of Teaching and Learning, from The Sycamore School, will join ATA to share their expertise in working with students living with autism. The Sycamore School is a unique setting, offering a learning environment that lends itself to positive outcomes for every student on the spectrum. If your staff support students with autism, tell them about this web event!

3 Ways to Build the Capability of Teaching Assistants and How Schools Benefit

In April, Rachel Hawkins, lead SLSO, and Nathan Schubert, Head Teacher of Supported Education, from Monaro High School, will share a framework they have developed over 2 years to build the capacity of their SLSO team. If the deployment processes for education support staff at your school need improvement, this presentation might offer a fast-track solution!

Collaboration Counts - Effective models of learning support

In May, school leaders from West Moreton Anglican College will be presenting the outcomes of two significant projects titled, ‘Effective Models of Learning Support’ conducted with Independent Schools Queensland, and ‘Effective Use of Teacher Aides’. During this live web event, Lateticia Strohben and Andrea Back, Co-Leaders of Learning Enrichment, will share how the outcomes of these projects have created a working model for identifying key priorities, as well as ways to improve collaboration and planning with leaders of learning and teachers.

All live web events are recorded and uploaded to our extensive and ever-growing professional development library, accessible by ATA School Members at any time. 

For more information on these events, plus more, visit

07 5211 1556

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