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Australian Teacher Aide: A Roadmap to Excellence for Teaching Assistants

The Australian Teaching Assistant Professional Standards (ATAPS) recognises and values the work of teaching assistants and provides schools with an evidence based framework to support their performance and professional growth.

When EAs have clear standards to follow, it ensures consistency in their approach and helps them understand what excellence looks like in their profession. This, in turn, benefits students as they receive consistent and high-quality support, regardless of the classroom or school they are in.

—Jay Morris, Head of Learning Support, Ocean Reef Senior High School, WA                                                                                

ATAPS, which was developed by Australian Teacher Aide, in collaboration with an industry reference group of education experts, aligns with the Australian Professional Teaching Standards.

As a school we recognise that whilst our teacher development is guided by the AITSL Teaching Standards and our Teacher Performance and Development Framework, we do not have a similar framework for our ESOs. The implementation of ATAPS will allow us to raise the status of our ESOs, facilitate their reflective practices, target their professional development needs, acknowledge their experience levels, and support their career aspirations. 

—Ros Sullivan, Deputy Principal, Sycamore School QLD

To ensure that the Standards are meaningful and relevant in all school settings, Australian Teacher Aide invited schools to participate in the ATAPS School Pilot Program.

The school leaders and teaching assistants from participating schools, attended three workshops, to learn how to apply the ATAPS framework to their school’s performance and professional growth processes. 

Teaching assistants learned to reflect on their practice to identify strengths and opportunities for professional growth, set goals, identify professional learning that aligned with their goals, and collect evidence to evaluate their progress.

In the final pilot workshop to schools, delivered in May, teaching assistants mapped their professional growth across all seven Standards. 

I have learned that by using the standards we are able to match our skill/knowledge level to our current professional development needs.

—SLSO, Monaro High School NSW

ATAPS provided me with a better self-awareness of setting more effective and precise goals in the future and making better decisions about how to allocate my time and resources. 

St. Mark’s Anglican Community School , WA

Following the ATAPS School Pilot Program, Australian Teacher Aide will collate the data gathered from schools and present the Standards to the industry reference group for ratification.

The culmination of over three years of rigorous work will be the publication of Australian Australian Teaching Assistant Professional Standards (ATAPS)  by the end of the year. 

Schools that are interested in implementing  the ATAPS performance and professional growth framework, can register their interest in participating in the School Leadership Workshops in 2025.

07 5211 1556


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