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Australian Computer Society: Guide the next generation of tech talent

The success of Australia increasingly depends on technology, and having diverse, highly skilled technology professionals to capitalise on the opportunities it brings. The ICT educators with the right support and knowledge will successfully guide the next generation of tech talent. 

Technology is the fastest-growing sector in the Australian economy. It is critical to the growth and prosperity of every business and household in the country. A diverse and highly skilled technology talent pipeline is vital to maintain and accelerate that growth. 

Access teaching resources aligned to the curriculums of individual states and territories, and to a community of experts and educators willing and able to share their knowledge and support. 

 Don’t just teach, inspire 

Gain teaching resources personalised to your curriculum 

Gain the ICT resources that will help you map classroom activities and content descriptions to the curriculum taught in your school. 

Build new teaching skills

Learn the tech skills to confidently teach the ICT curriculum with unlimited access to the ACS Learning Accelerator, an online library of digital resources handpicked to build your knowledge and competencies as a teacher of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. 

Gain new contacts and support 

Attend ACS networking and professional development events and hear first-hand from the leaders and opinion formers with the ideas driving Australia’s tech industry into the future. 

Learn news and research first 

Enjoy exclusive access to proprietary publications such as the ACS Digital Pulse and Information Age to stay up to date with the latest thinking shaping government policy and education strategy.

Join ACS 

Technology is changing rapidly. Are you equipped to guide the next generation? 

Join ACS and be part of a 47,000+ community powering Australia’s technology brilliance. 

About ACS 

ACS champions the technologies, people and skills critical to powering Australia’s future. 

47,000+ members 

Network, collaborate and be inspired by Australia’s largest community of technology professionals. 

44,000 digital resources 

Enhance skills, earn certifications and keep knowledge up to date with digital resources on the ACS Learning Accelerator. 

10,000 laptops redistributed 

Bridge Australia’s digital divide contributing to impact projects like See I.T. Be I.T., which repurposes old laptops for underprivileged communities. 

 02 9299 3666 

Australian Computer Society


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