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Goondeen: Latest News

If you need any clarification, please contact me.

M: 0418 196 707

Goondeen is a First Nation’s word that was used in Cherbourg to describe a "wise, inspirational, compassionate, community-focussed, respected leader or sage".Goondeen follows Indigenous LORE "share, care and respect the land, the environment and the people". The Goondeen Institute reflects this as we acknowledge all Traditional Custodians across Australia and recognise First Nations peoples' continued cultural and spiritual connection to the land, sky and waterways that surround us. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging;  acknowledge the Yuggera people as the Traditional custodians of the land that we live and work on.NB Goondeen is a profit-for-purpose organisation, where profits go straight back into creating more resources.


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