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Goondeen: Exciting Developments, Goondeen Guardians, and More!

Hello from the Goondeen team! Welcome to our November newsletter for 2023.

Goondeen activities have continued since our last newsletter. We’ve been working on developing a Goondeen Game, a resource for ‘kindies’ and fine-tuning other resources, plus preparing for professional development sessions, etc.

We are also still negotiating with group representing around 150 schools about using the Goondeen Educational Resources (GER). This is additional to the approximately 200 schools who are already using some parts of the GER.

Discussions are continuing with QUT’s Business School for some post-graduate students to work on aspects of the Goondeen Game and our discussions continue with additional resource writers.

News on the Goondeens Everald Compton

Everald recently presented the second group of students at Springfield Centre State School with their badges as Goondeen Guardians; there were 50 applicants for the 20 positions. (See photo below.) Congratulations to all.

The Goondeen Educational Resources Goondeen Institute's Professional Development and E-Resource Library provides the tools for teachers to feel safe and supported in teaching First Nations’ perspectives in the classroom.

Based on findings from various focus groups (including teachers), it was recommended that we develop these resources, especially to support non-Indigenous teachers. So far, 15 resources (including 2 large teachers manuals) have been developed.

For more details visit our website:

Read what some teachers are saying about Goondeen:

“…Goondeen gives educators the resources necessary to feel empowered to teach indigenous perspectives with confidence….”

“... I now feel stronger from knowing that it’s ok to use Goondeen and other quality resources and knowledges to present to my culturally-broad class groups year by year even though I'm not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander…”

The resources were written by:

  • Kiana Charlton (a proud Goenpul/Yuggera Goorie teacher with a Masters in Indigenous Education),

  • Lyn Traill (a globally-recognised author of educational books)

  • Sophie Church (award-winning author and historian).

Tertiary institutions, such as QUT, were actively involved in the development of these resources which have embedded links to the National Education Curriculum - hundreds of links are documented.

More and more schools are following a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), so these resources will be of valuable support to each school’s RAP.

Please remember that the Goondeen educational initiative is an adaptable program, as we aim to work with each school on what goals they wish to achieve. For example, one school has introduced the concept of Goondeen Guardians, a Goondeen garden (see below), Goondeen gratitude postcards, Goondeen wagon wheel of success, etc.

Best wishes for the rest of 2023 - we look forward to working with you. Bill Synnot Co-Founder, Goondeen Institute

Goondeen is a First Nation’s word that was used in Cherbourg to describe a "wise, inspirational, compassionate, community-focussed, respected leader". We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge the Yuggera people as the Traditional custodians of the land that we live and work on. NB Goondeen is a profit-for-purpose organisation, where profits go straight back into creating more educational resources.

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