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Maintenance Experts: The ultimate maintenance solution for educational facilities

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Maintaining Educational Environments

For over three decades, MEX Maintenance Software has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS) in Australasia and beyond. As educational institutions strive to optimise their maintenance operations, MEX emerges as the go-to CMMS solution, bridging the gap between maintenance and education. Proudly Australian owned and operating out of Brisbane, MEX has successfully transformed the maintenance landscape for numerous clients, offering improved safety, equipment reliability, increased uptime and enhanced operational efficiency.

Experts in Maintenance Management

MEX stands at the forefront of understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by educational facilities. Among its many strengths, MEX shines brightly in its robust asset management capabilities, empowering educational institutions of all sizes to efficiently track and manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle. From capturing all asset information, trade durations and spares usage to organising critical documents and beyond, MEX ensures that every maintenance activity is seamlessly recorded and expertly managed.

In the world of maintenance, reactive approaches can be costly and detrimental to operations. To tackle this challenge head-on, MEX offers a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance solution, allowing educational institutions to efficiently manage all repetitive and routine jobs. By creating Work Orders for assets based on defined schedules, MEX ensures that critical equipment and facilities are safe to operate and remain in optimal working condition, preventing unexpected breakdowns and costly disruptions. With MEX, educational facilities can transition from a reactive maintenance model to a proactive one, gaining better control over their maintenance processes and ultimately increasing overall efficiency and reliability.

Efficiency is the name of the game, and MEX delivers with its Work Order management capabilities. From task assignment for maximum productivity to quick and precise searches for specific jobs, MEX streamlines the process, making it effortless to access historical records and stay on top of work progress. With Work Orders, educational facilities experience a streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity, ensuring that maintenance tasks are executed with precision and effectiveness.

Effortless Setup: Get Up and Running in No Time

At the heart of MEX's asset management prowess is its easy-to-use UI, multi-platform applications, intelligent import facilities, ready-made statutory reports, and comprehensive customisation options for both the system and reporting. With MEX, reducing setup time is effortless; simply import all assets, associated information, preventative maintenance templates, schedules, and get your maintenance operations up and running smoothly.

Effortless Field Management

Seamlessly execute and document work tasks on the go with MEX. Our revamped mobile application is tailored to complement your workflow, featuring a fresh, user-friendly interface, intelligent login functionalities, and enhanced sorting capabilities. With added advanced user management features and a connected approach, effortlessly oversee Work Orders, Inspections, Maintenance Requests, Stocktakes, and Readings while on the move. Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency with MEX.

Take Control of your Maintenance Requests

Managing maintenance requests can be a daunting task in any facility, let alone educational. MEX comes to the rescue with its foolproof maintenance request system and communication model seamlessly integrated into its platform. Both through our new app or the MEX Ops Requests online portal, MEX empowers all employees to effortlessly submit and track maintenance requests, ensuring crystal-clear and efficient communication. This streamlined process swiftly converts high-priority requests into actionable work orders, while intelligently filtering out low-priority issues. With MEX, educational institutions can guarantee that each request is handled with utmost care and transparency, keeping requesters informed every step of the way.

MEX provides unmatched convenience and flexibility to educational facilities. Whether on a desktop or through an app, users can access the platform anywhere and anytime. By allowing requesters to attach photos, videos, and forms, MEX ensures that every request is actioned accurately, reducing the chances of miscommunication. Requesters can stay in the loop with real-time status updates and even communicate directly with the maintenance team through the platform. With a range of licensing options to suit both MEX and MEX Ops, educational institutions can effortlessly take control of their maintenance request management, leading to improved efficiency, enhanced communication, and a well-maintained campus environment.

Effortless Inspections on the Go

Inspections play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal operational efficiency. MEX Inspections are engineered to simplify the entire process, making execution, management, and reporting effortless. With our user-friendly platform, setting up inspections is a breeze, and the Preventative Maintenance Activator takes charge of creating and dispatching jobs to your team seamlessly. Say goodbye to manual tasks and paperwork, as MEX handles the nitty-gritty, allowing you and your team to focus on core tasks and maximise productivity.

Step into the future of inspections with MEX, a redesigned app that redefines the way you approach maintenance checks. MEX empowers your team to conduct inspections conveniently using handheld devices, liberating you from the constraints of paperwork and location. Whether on-site or on the move, inspections can now be carried out anytime, anywhere, without interruptions. Experience a seamless flow of data as MEX instantly updates inspection results on your live MEX system, ensuring real-time updates and smooth data access. With MEX, modernised inspections become a seamlessly integrated part of your operations.

Data-Driven Insights: Maximising Potential with MEX Reporting

The MEX solution goes beyond just maintenance management. Its reporting, KPI analysis, and custom report capabilities empower educational facilities to gain valuable insights into key performance metrics. By making data-driven decisions, administrators can optimise resource allocation, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement in maintenance operations. Additionally, MEX offers high levels of customisation, allowing educational institutions to tailor the system to their specific needs and workflows. This flexibility ensures that MEX seamlessly integrates with existing processes, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Backed by a Passionate Team

From sales to training, MEX places customer service at the heart of its mission, ensuring your maintenance journey is nothing short of exceptional. When it comes to support, MEX goes above and beyond. Our dedicated team is always at the ready, armed with the expertise to handle and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring swift and proactive problem-solving. With our roots firmly grounded in Australia, we understand the unique demands of educational institutions, allowing us to provide tailor-made solutions with a personal touch.

An Experienced Team of Proficient Consultants

At MEX, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our team of highly proficient consultants works closely with educational clients, delving deep into your unique requirements. This collaborative approach results in the delivery of customised CMMS solutions that perfectly align with your specific needs. Consider our team an extension of yours, ensuring seamless operations and heightened maintenance efficiency.

Igniting Potential through Comprehensive Training

Knowledge is the key to unlocking potential, and MEX is dedicated to arming you with it. Our comprehensive training sessions, available online or in-person, in one-on-one or group settings empower you to harness the full capabilities of the CMMS system. We give you a better understanding of MEX, you take control of your maintenance processes.

30 Years and Counting

For more than three decades, MEX Maintenance Software has delivered excellence in maintenance management. Widely recognised by industry experts, MEX has consistently demonstrated its transformative influence on maintenance operations. Entrusting MEX as your maintenance partner promises an elevated experience marked by heightened equipment reliability, increased uptime, and improved operational efficiency. Join the growing community of satisfied clients and revolutionise your maintenance practices with MEX.

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