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Sensotec: Learning through play: How a mobile projector can do both

Imagine having fun and learning at the same time – that’s ActiveFloor! Physical activity supports information processing, memory, concentration, and overall well-being, so what better way to combine learning and movement than with a mobile floor projector.

Sensotec’s ActiveFloor projector transforms any floor or table into an interactive surface, giving students and staff access to 10,000+ educational games and sensory experiences. Whether used to meet specific learning outcomes or for recreation, a mobile projector is a fun and engaging way to support the physical, cognitive, and social development of students.

Shift the Focus from Learning to Play 

As an interactive learning tool, ActiveFloor encourages child-initiated learning. A subject or skill that students may have previously found difficult becomes fun and engaging once presented as a ‘game’. 

  • Encourage play and movement through relevant topics and learning material.

  • Improve memory retention, focus, and concentration.

  • Promote teamwork and social skill development.

  • Reduce boredom, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

Whether you need a short 10-minute break from the classroom or a 30-minute learning session, ActiveFloor’s extensive library of games and activities has something for every age and every ability.   

A Flexible Solution That Adapts to Your Space and Needs

Right from the beginning, ActiveFloor has been developed so that teachers and students can also create their own content – this means full control over the subject, language, age group and required skill level. Tailor-made games keep the focus on specific learning goals and help students develop and learn at their own pace. 

Need to accommodate various users? Simply move between locations and adjust the height to change the screen size, or alternate between floor and tabletop use.

ActiveFloor is also ideal for afterschool programs or recreational use, where multiple students can take part and play together. 

Support Students with Special Needs

As it is suited to both floor and tabletop use, ActiveFloor accommodates all levels of mobility - students can use their feet, their hands, or their entire body to interact with games and activities. 

“ActiveFloor's gaming system satisfies students at all levels. I’m able to implement the interactive learning games with those having special needs also, (from non-verbal and severe autism to wheelchair users). Whether it’s our learning games, sensory games or an activity like soccer to encourage good behaviour, all of my 750 students are able to participate in one way or another”

-Emily King, Technology Teacher, Primary School

For students with specific and complex learning needs, ActiveFloor’s level of customisation makes it a powerful tool to support conditions such as:  

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Hearing Loss

  • Vision impairment

  • Speech disorders

  • Sensory impairment

Our ActiveFloor Mobile Projector creates an inclusive and enjoyable learning zone for all students- both neurodiverse and neurotypical- to learn and grow to their full potential. 

Ready to shift the focus from learning to play? Contact us for a chat.

1300 622 180


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