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MusicEDU: Are your students itching to come to music class?

Let’s face it, between the quality of tech available on a phone, TikTok and all the streaming services students have access to, teachers (even music teachers) really have a lot to compete with when it comes to student engagement. 

With all good intentions, even well-resourced schools are finding it tough to attract and retain students in classroom music. 

If you’re looking for ready-to-go resources that your students will be coming back for, then read on. 

Since 2016, MusicEDU has been helping teachers implement DJing in classroom music with TrackFormers…..and the results speak for themselves. 

You don’t need to be a DJ, you don’t need to be an expert. You only need the desire to connect with your students, through the music they love. 

We’ve done the mapping to your curriculum standards and the validity you’re looking for, is there. 

The only thing left to ask yourself is, are you ready to double the number of students choosing music?”

If the answer is YES, start your TrackFormers trial with MusicEDU today. 

You’ll receive instant access to all the MusicEDU programs until the end of June 2024! 

To find out more, visit or scan the QR Code:

02 9541 8440


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