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ScreenCoach: Unlocking academic success: ScreenCoach for schools

In today's digital era, where screens have become an integral part of students' lives, managing screen time in educational settings poses a significant challenge. Enter ScreenCoach – an Australian-owned, game-changing solution designed to empower schools, revolutionise classroom dynamics, and support families to foster healthy tech habits.

The Challenge of Screen Time in Schools

As technology advances, the challenge of maintaining a balanced approach to screen time has intensified within educational environments. Balancing educational technology with focused learning, while ensuring students don't fall prey to distracting apps during class time or at home while doing homework, is no easy feat. ScreenCoach steps in as the hero in this narrative, offering a seamless solution to these modern-day challenges.

How ScreenCoach Transforms Learning Environments

Imagine a classroom where distractions from devices are minimised, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in the learning process. ScreenCoach makes this a reality by allowing educators to block distracting apps during school hours, thereby enhancing student focus and engagement.

Beyond the classroom walls, ScreenCoach continues to make an impact. When students transition to their home environment, the positive habits instilled in school settings seamlessly carry over. ScreenCoach can also be installed on student’s home devices. This consistency in managing screen time promotes a healthy balance between academic learning and leisure activities, supporting the development of responsible digital citizens. Happy and well-balanced children lead to better attention in the classroom and better educational outcomes. 

Promoting Digital Well-being: ScreenCoach's Impact on Students' Health 

Excessive screen time has been linked to various mental and physical health concerns, from decreased physical activity to disrupted sleep patterns and potential impacts on mental health. A 2021 Survey by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne showed over 90% of parents considered too much screen time as the primary health concern for their children. 

ScreenCoach presents a holistic solution by introducing a comprehensive rewards system to encourage children to actively participate in non-screen activities. Crafted in collaboration with psychologists, ScreenCoach seamlessly integrates contemporary psychology principles with a positive rewards structure. This effective behavioural change system is intricately linked to the child's core values, ensuring a meaningful and impactful approach to fostering improved lifestyle choices.

This approach supports children in getting enough exercise, reading, creative play or music - and quality sleep - contributing significantly to their overall well-being. By motivating kids to explore activities beyond screens, ScreenCoach actively promotes healthier lifestyles, aligning with the concerns of parents and educators regarding children's health in today's digital age.

Google's Suite of Products: The Engine Behind ScreenCoach

At the core of ScreenCoach's success lies a powerful partnership with Google's cloud technology. Google Cloud's robust infrastructure provides the backbone for hosting ScreenCoach, ensuring reliability, scalability, and security – critical aspects for educational institutions.

Join the ScreenCoach Revolution

As we continue to evolve in the digital age, ScreenCoach stands as a testament to innovation, bridging the gap between technology and education while ensuring that students thrive in a balanced and focused learning environment - at school and home.

Unlock the potential of your school with ScreenCoach – because when technology aligns with education, the possibilities are limitless.

Contact our Founder and Head of Technology, Peter Kakris for a demonstration and to discuss how ScreenCoach can transform digital learning for your students.

0413 047 721


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