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Oppida: Seize the Future: 50% of Secondary Schools Already Have!

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, seize the opportunity to stay ahead!

According to Campion's 'Digital Landscapes in Australian Schools 2022-2023' report, 50%

of secondary schools have embraced dual learning, blending traditional and digital

resources. With nearly 40% planning to fast-track their tech strategies, the digital revolution

is now.

Step into the future with Oppida in Schools - your tailor-made solution for a cutting-edge

learning environment. Oppida's expertise in delivering engaging custom training and

courses, creating seamless Canvas setups, and facilitating long-term program development,

guarantees an effortless shift for your faculty. All while easing your workload!

The 3 pillars of Oppida in Schools

Long-term program development

Navigating the challenge of time-consuming course creation, Oppida provides

comprehensive support for your team. We assist educators in creating and publishing

content while teaching them the principles of learning design, ensuring meaningful learning

experiences that will remain relevant long-term.

Canvas Integration

Oppida excels in crafting custom, engaging Canvas setups, streamlining the integration

process for your school. Seamlessly embed Canvas into your digital ecosystem with


Training for your team

Addressing faculty concerns about rapid digital transformation, Oppida's tailored training

programs align with your school's unique systems and digital goals. We empower your

team to confidently and proficiently use the right digital tools, enhancing the overall

learning experience for students.

The Oppida's advantage: bridging gaps and exceeding expectations

Raise the bar: learn better to teach better

Empower your teachers with Oppida's training, so that they can hone their skills for the

digital world.

Additionally, our Canvas setup ensures educators can effortlessly create online resources

that resonate with students, enabling a learning environment where students thrive at their full capacity.

Stay ahead with Oppida's support

Oppida will not just facilitate a solution; we will design the system to seamlessly integrate

into your school's practices, not the other way around. A system that works, ensuring your

school thrives in the quickly evolving educational landscape.

Oppida ensures a smooth transition, enhancing, not disrupting, your current educational

processes. Take this step to keep up with digital education, supported by Oppida's


Ready to Transform Your School's Learning Experience?

Get a tailored quote now!

Contact us to receive a quote tailored to your school's specific needs. Allow Oppida to

empower your teachers, better engage your students, and position your school at the

forefront of digital education.

Together, let's raise the bar in education.

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