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Plastics Australia: Stand out with customised academic event materials!

Quality, durability, and customisation: all in one place!

  • Graduation portfolios and certificate pockets

  • Music and band folders

  • Packaging for academic programs

Established in 1956, Plastics Australia specialises in providing high-quality materials that can enhance various aspects of your academic programs and events. Our product range includes Graduation Portfolios, Certificate Pockets, Music and Band Folders, as well as packaging solutions for programs like literacy and numeracy development and Brain Breaks.

All products are manufactured in Australia

Graduation Portfolios and Certificate Pockets: Our Graduation Portfolios and Certificate Pockets are designed to add a touch of prestige to your graduation ceremonies. These products provide a stylish and durable way for your students to showcase their achievements, and they can be customised with your school or university's logo and branding. 

Music and Band Folders: We offer specialised folders for your music and band programs that help keep sheet music organised and protected. 

Packaging for Academic Programs: Besides the above products, we provide packaging solutions for academic programs, such as literacy and numeracy development and brain breaks. Our packaging solutions are designed to make the distribution of program materials easy and efficient while keeping valuable resources safe.

Customisation: We understand the significance of branding and customisation for universities and schools. All our products can be tailored to incorporate your institution's logo, colours, and specific requirements. This ensures that the products align perfectly with your institution's identity and enhance your brand presence during academic ceremonies and events.

We take pride in manufacturing our products in Australia, ensuring high quality and support of local industry. Plastics Australia is committed to providing quality materials that contribute to the success and prestige of your academic programs and events.

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