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Inchargebox: Unlocking a tech-transformed lifestyle with inchargebox

In a world where screens dominate every aspect of our lives, Kate Curry, a visionary Melbourne entrepreneur and a mother of two, came up with a game-changing solution: inchargebox. This innovative creation is not just a charging station; it's a stylish, lockable sanctuary for devices, ushering in a new era of balanced screen time and family connectivity. 

inchargebox is loved by many households, schools and businesses across Australia and the world. inchargebox is Australian standard tested and certified and comes in a key or keypad option in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs. Key option comes with 2 keys and a Pink inchargebox lanyard. It is perfect for storing and charging devices including smartwatches, phones, tablets, gaming, remotes, headphones, laptops and more with 5 or 10 USB A and C options. We also recently added Alarm Clocks, Blue light blocker glasses and Keep Cups to our range! We love helping people enjoy more of the magic screen free moments of life! 

Guardians of Boundaries: inchargebox is not your average charging station; it's a tech-savvy guardian that empowers everyone to set and enforce boundaries on screen time. Tired of the constant tug-of-war over devices? inchargebox ensures that the tech is safely locked away, allowing you to regain control of your home, classroom and your students and their family's well-being. 

Reclaim Time, Rediscover Joy: The struggle against the lure of screens is real. inchargebox comes to the rescue, offering a reprieve from the chaos of constant device use. By putting devices in their designated charging haven, you reclaim precious time and energy to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, free from the constant distraction of screens. 

A family's testimonials speak louder than words: 

  • This sleek and stylish box has transformed our family life! Since having our inchargebox, the children get more sleep, read more books, and engage more in family life." - Cindy, Surry Hills 

  • "Your box saved my sanity and wellbeing. If it was up to me, I'd be putting you up for the Order of Australia." - James, Sydney 

  • "I love our inchargebox. It has changed the life of our family. No more fights about technology. The kids know the limits, and there is no more temptation with devices lying around. Thanks!!" - Sara B, Ocean Grove 

  • "inchargebox is the best concept for families in our tech-driven world. Thanks, inchargebox, you have salvaged our sanity." - Nicole T, Balwyn 

A Global Favourite: inchargebox isn't just transforming homes; it's a beloved companion in schools and businesses worldwide. Managing device clutter and promoting responsible tech usage, inchargebox is setting the standard for a more balanced digital lifestyle. 

Start Early, Stay in Charge: The key to a harmonious tech life lies in starting early. inchargebox is a beacon of guidance for families introducing devices to their children. Set it up from the beginning, and witness the positive transformation as families and students embrace a healthier relationship with technology. 

Join the Tech Revolution: Don't miss out on the inchargebox revolution that's saving sanity and bringing people together. As you invest in this stylish box, you're not just getting a charging station; you're unlocking a world where screen-free moments are cherished, and human connections are strengthened. 

Order your inchargebox today and embark on a journey to rediscover the joy of a well-balanced, tech-transformed lifestyle! 

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