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Pacific Seating: Leaders in quiet, innovative and customised seating systems

Pacific Seating (AUS) is dedicated to delivering quality, value and a tailored service. The principals of the business have over 30 years of experience; each directly involved in the design, sales and installation of specified seating systems. 

Australian owned and operated, Pacific Seating specialises in the design, engineering and manufacturing of Glide Retractable / Telescopic & Fixed Systems. By applying the teams collective experience, Pacific Seating develop products that combine the best of traditional methods with modern advances in technology. Our seating system range offer architects, city councils, school staff and facility managers a solution fit for a wide variety of applications.

Glide Series Structure

Glide Series retractable systems are the most advanced systems in the market today, with the leading and most versatile understructure available. Every part is designed to optimise the systems operation whilst also adhere to global requirements. 

Glide Series units are durable and easy to operate, providing every client with a user-friendly system like no other. Row 1 to 21 of the unit will be custom designed and engineered to your facility’s exact requirements. Variable Row 1 (VR1) is an optional feature, designed to maximise the comfort of wheelchair attendees. This operational edge and the Glide Series’ flexible design allows each spectator to have a comfortable and superior viewing space.

Education and community facilities can accommodate all participants, their friends and family, with the one system through the smarter Glide Series seating solution. This system will cater for your facility’s every need, whether that be a small portable unit, to a larger travelling unit, or to anything in between.

Cook Seat Customisation

We listened to our clientele; Pacific Seating are proud to bring you a fully customised Cook seating solution. Ergonomically designed to give each spectator an individual seat space. The seats are designed to be fitted with self-opening/closing functions, reducing the time and need for human resources to set-up and pull-down for events….it is all at the push of a button. 

With three levels of comfort and various finishes you can fully tailor your seating space. Choose self-closing and self-opening with our range of polymer, padded or fully upholstered seat finishes. Pacific Seating’s competitive advantage in set-up and pull-down times frames and seating options with vivid colours, all add to the spectator or student experience.

SBS Seat Customisation

The Simple Bench Seat (SBS) is also designed with effortlessness and the spectator in mind. This design is ideal for education departments, community centres, sports halls and other small to medium facilities. With an individually contoured bench seat, the SBS seat allows everyone to choose their own individual space. A simple yet effective design requiring no set up of the seats. To operate, simply push a button and 1-2 minutes later everyone can take their seat. 

You can fully customise the SBS range by choosing polymer seats, wooden benches, padded fabric or a fully upholstered seat with folding back rests. Whether it be a school gym or multipurpose space, the Pacific Seating team will work to deliver a personalised product for each project’s individual requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your seating applications or our wide range of seating solutions: Retractable Seating Systems, Fixed Seating Systems, Demountable Seating; Mobile Seating Systems; Tip & Roll Units; Outdoor Grandstand Seating.

02 6586 4144


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