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Musical Minds: supporting Aussie teachers and kids

Australia has a vibrant community, rich in musical culture and experiences; Musical Minds’ goal is to support our Primary and Secondary schools to encourage kids of all ages to engage in Music.

By partnering with us — the industry leaders in music education — schools can teach music, support existing music programs, encourage kids to explore music and express themselves with our interactive performances, workshops, teacher training, and xylophone program.

Engaging students with interactive learning

Musical Minds’ in-person performances include whole-school percussion, vocal and band performances by leading musicians, with every student encouraged to be an active participant no matter their age. Our workshops use a range of percussion instruments, songs, dances, and songwriting tailored to the age and size of the group.

Our teacher training platform (online/in-person) guides teachers of all experience levels through a step-by-step classroom music program, featuring lesson plans, a xylophone program, links to the curriculum, PDF resources, and videos for students and teachers. 

Through our xylophone program (online/in-person), students can learn to play as a class band, develop music reading skills, and understand the elements of music.

Why learn how to teach music with Musical Minds?

We understand the nationwide need for more music teachers, as many schools face challenges finding teachers who feels confident teaching music.

At Musical Minds we give teachers the tools to feel confident to step into the music room, pick up an accessible instrument and make music with their class. By supporting classroom teachers with our music program, they can empower students to explore music, express themselves and find new ways to interact socially with others.

Primary school teachers can deliver this step-by-step music program through four modules: Kinder and Primary (all ages, new to music), Foundation/P–2, Grades 3–4, and Grades 5–6 (secondary school modules are being developed).

What sets Musical Minds apart from other providers?

  1. Interactive learning: Musical Minds goes beyond the performance/audience setting and brings all students into the performances, workshops and xylophone modules, where both kids and teachers can develop their music skills, both in person and online.

  2. Professional musicians and teachers who are active in music performance and teaching.

  3. Flexible training, supportive videos and real-time video support for each module, and structured lesson plans for 10+ weeks. Each lesson focuses on teaching, identifying and unpacking the musical elements of beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, structure and tone colour.

  4. Engaging performances that encourage students to explore music, express themselves and further their love of music.

  5. Developmental student and teacher courses that support learners with a step-by-step guide to learning the fundamentals of music. Learn how to play a song with the whole class by knowing how to put the core elements together — you can even work towards a concert.

  6. All programs are developed by leading, qualified teachers in the education field who have extensive experience teaching in early learning, primary and secondary schools.

  7. Organisation subscription: choose a subscription plan that suits your school (student access, teacher access, whole school, stage level). 

To learn how to support music in your school with Musical Minds, get in touch with one of our team members — they are excited to discuss the benefits of the music program with you.

0431 425 695


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