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Hi Tech Lockers: Student phone mini lockers reduce admin costs for schools

A solution to student distraction and wasted teacher hours.

Why Choose Hi Tech Lockers?

While schools face similar issues when it comes to mobile phones, Hi Tech Lockers shines at identifying the unique needs of each school and customising a specific locker solution that suits. Their approach emphasises affordability without sacrificing quality or lead times. As a testament to this they provide a lifetime warranty. This minimises the

need for replacements and further supports you in creating a distraction-free learning environment. Offering a wide range of locker sizes and an expansive list of options and accessories, you are guaranteed to find the lockers you need.

The Effect of Mobile Phones on Learning

Smartphones have transformed the Australian classroom and not always for the better. Research shows that the presence of smartphones has a negative impact on memory, learning and recall in schools. In fact, the effect is so significant that the simple presence of a phone in a student’s pocket is enough to cause students to take fewer notes and have overall poorer academic performance compared to students who did not have access to their phones. *

Legislation banning phones in the classroom is aimed at solving this problem, however it introduces a new issue: how do schools effectively manage student phones? It is unlikely that outright banning phones from coming to school is optimal, as parents want a point of contact with their children on their way to and from school. Also students become ingenious in how they conceal their phones in the face of outright bans.

Tackling this issue head on, there are schools using storage tubs or phone bags that are kept by faculty. These systems do the job but put the burden of phone collection and distribution on to teachers each day.

On the other hand, there are schools installing dedicated phone storage lockers to ensure that students’ expensive smartphones are safe and protected, and that no blame can be assigned to the school if their phone becomes lost or damaged.

Phone Storage Locker Options

Hi Tech Lockers has been approached by many schools looking to solve this problem. They offer a wide range of steel mini lockers, for safe, efficient and premium phone storage solutions.

A popular option is the steel mini locker. Available from 4 to 30 doors to suit any class size. Hi Tech Lockers offers a full suite of lock options to accommodate every budget.

For stricter needs, the Teacher-Controlled Mini Locker has an admin door covering 30 or 60 compartments, streamlining phone management and preventing mix-ups of phones. The concealing admin door also reduces the risk of break-in attempts.

For schools needing a mixed storage solution our Multi-Device Locker is fitted with multiple compartment sizes for storage of phones, bags, laptops and books.

Hi Tech Lockers is proud of their quality range of Australian made lockers, offering options such as clear acrylic doors, USB charging, locker stands and more.

Contact Hi Tech Lockers now to find the best locker solution for your school!

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