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Koskela: Good learning is in the air

Why thoughtful classroom design is crucial for young learners, and how Koskela

can help.

11,000 hours. That’s how long the average Australian student spends in a classroom over their lifetime. These physical spaces impact learning outcomes. It’s not just what we learn and how we learn that counts, but also where we learn.

The educational environment is often referred to as the ‘third teacher’, following educators and other classmates, and it goes beyond form and function. Classroom design can be truly transformational – impacting wellbeing, motivation and performance for students and teachers alike.

That’s why Koskela believes in creating healthy, inspiring and adaptive learning environments that enhance curiosity and engagement, all with sustainability at the heart.

Beautifully crafted furniture

Three years of research and development went into Koskela Learn Junior (kinder to year 6) and Senior (years 7 to 12) school furniture ranges to ensure they enable curious, young minds to thrive. Each design is carefully considered and crafted incorporating biophilic principles and comes in a range of colours inspired by our natural environment, to make your classroom more attractive and engaging.

Flexible design solutions

The modern classroom is more than just rigid desks and chairs. Koskela’s wide range of furniture solutions – including desks, chairs, booths seating, whiteboards, and a variety of accessories – are designed to be endlessly adaptable. Whether it’s time for contemplation, concentration, collaboration or conversation, Koskela’s ‘kit-of-parts’ furniture can help facilitate any mode of learning.

Personalised space planning

Each learning space is unique. That’s why Koskela offers a free space planning service, so you can tailor your classroom fitout to reflect your school’s specific needs and values. No matter how big or small the project, their Learn Design Consultants are on hand

to help.

Sustainable solutions for a better future

As Australia’s first furniture B Corp with an aim to be fully circular by 2027, Koskela is committed to creating sustainable furniture that lasts. All of their Australian-made products are GECA-certified, created using the highest quality materials and fabrics, and come with a 7-year warranty, the aim being that no Koskela product ever end up in landfill.

Koskela also offers serviceability with their ‘Repair and Renew’ program, helping you prolong the lifespan of your furniture.

A procurement model to suit your needs

Whether you want to buy or subscribe, Koskela offers two unique access models with lifelong service options.

Buy: You can purchase your furniture outright, and add an optional maintenance service for on-site repairs or refurbishments.

Subscribe: Koskela is now offering an innovative furniture subscription service that can help schools meet their ESG targets, reduce their carbon footprint and flexibly evolve their furniture fitouts, without a huge upfront investment. An all-inclusive service that includes annual maintenance to guarantee you to start every school year with classroom furniture looking ‘good as new’.

For more information and to discover the Learn range, visit or contact our sales team at

02 9280 0999


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