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Bangarra Dance Theatre: Build skills and confidence for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Bangarra Dance Theatre is a First Nations organisation, and one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies. We share our culture with Communities and audiences across Australia and the world in our mission to create inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences that promote awareness and understanding of our cultures. 

We value the opportunity to engage with diverse teaching and learning communities across Australia. Our suite of education programs and resources are designed to support teachers in their important roles as educators. 

Winhanga-rra (hear, think, listen – Wiradjuri language) is our teachers’ professional learning program, and consists of a suite of offerings (face-to-face and online) that explore creative approaches, processes and practices for engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures across the curriculum. 

Incorporating presentations, discussion forums and creative tasks, all Winhanga-rra workshops focus on the importance of cultural engagement, the power of storytelling though contemporary dance theatre, and the range of valuable outcomes that can be achieved through creative learning experiences. Winhanga-rra is facilitated by Bangarra alumni and/or current members of the ensemble, each with a proud Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background. 

We welcome educators from all curriculum stages (Early Learning, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, including pre-service) as well as First Nations support workers, dance teachers and other educators in the community. Dance experience is not required for any of our workshops. 

  • Winhanga-rra In-Studio workshops delve into the processes and practices for engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in curriculum. These workshops include open forum discussions, presentations and practical tasks. 

  • Winhanga-rra Online is a condensed version of the in-studio workshop, covering the same essential aspects regarding processes and practices. 

  • Winhanga-rra Choreo Lab invites educators into Bangarra’s creative process. The lab emphasises creative ideas for storytelling through dance. The lab is divided into two parts starting with a 1.5 hour online workshop, focusing on processes essential for working with cultural content. This session establishes the foundation for the second component, a 4.5 hour in-studio workshop where participants actively engage in how choreographic material is developed into a dance work. Participants will leave the workshop with strategies to build and develop creative practices for teaching and learning. 

  • Winhanga-rra in Your School are workshops that are aligned with your school's professional learning focus or specific programs you have running in your school - existing or planned. The workshop will be based on the structure of our other offerings, and then tailored to align with your school's professional learning aims. 

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