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Chemistry Class
Chemistry Class

Improving the education sector by connecting institutions to businesses and resources

Education Australia is a consultancy-based company bridging the gap between suppliers and the education sector.


Our primary mission is to inform decision-makers within the education sector about available funding and, in turn, we carefully vet reputable companies to present as preferred suppliers for decision makers to engage in order to effectively utilise this funding.


With the continuous increase in funding allocated to schools and universities, it's crucial that these institutions have access to accurate information, knowledge, and resources to optimally allocate government funding.

Education Australia is specifically designed to connect leading industry professionals with both independent and government schools, as well as national universities.

Our concept is to help assist and improve the Education sector as a whole whilst always having our clients at the forefront of our mind ensuring they are capitalising on their exposure to this target market.

Education Australia provides you with a platform for your campaign allowing you the opportunity to communicate your message effectively, build targeted brand awareness, generate a return on investment and enable easy access for your customers to easily reach you.


Education Australia provides you with a unique, targeted and niche audience and platform essential for the growth of your business.

Meet the Team


Daniel Jones


Founder & Managing Director

Dan is the co-founder and Managing Director at Education Australia Resource Guide.


Dan built Education Australia Resource Guide from the ground up!

With a passion for business and marketing, Dan's the man with the plan when it comes to creating the perfect strategy for our valued clients, in order to create growth and success!

Dan is British born and bred, but left the UK for warmer weather and to see what Australia had to offer. Needless to say, he never returned!


Jen Anderson


Advertising Specialist

Jen is the Advertising Specialist at Education Australia Resource Guide.


Jen, along with the founder Dan, built Education Australia Resource Guide from the ground up!

With a vast knowledge and passion for business, marketing, process and organisation, Jen oversees the daily operations, ensuring the smooth running of the business - paying special attention to the satisfaction of our clients and our team!

Jen travelled to Australia from the UK on a "long holiday"... and never went back!

Kellie V2.0.png

Kellie Tierney

Kellie V2.0 BW.png

Finance & Administration 

Kellie is our finance and administration manager, excelling in providing financial guidance and operational oversight, ensuring seamless business operations. 
Kellie takes a hands-on approach to financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, enabling informed decisions throughout our organisation. 

Beyond finance, Kellie’s leadership fosters teamwork and streamlined workflows. 
Her strong communication skills and attention to detail nurture productive relationships, contributing to a cohesive workplace. 
Kellie brings clarity, efficiency and strategic insight for lasting success.
Kellie, loves to catch-up with family and friends for long weekends away in the sun, with plenty of laughs, amazing food and beverages.


Neriessa Robinson


Data Research Analyst

Neriessa is our Data Research Analyst, she's focused and thorough! She takes a lot of pride in equipping our team with powerful data and keeping our industry databases replenished and up-to-date.

She is the bubbly, upbeat, ray of sunshine inside our studio!

With our given nickname, 'Nez', she is excited about her career at Education Australia Resource Guide and having work-life balance. Nez likes to say she's "part-time retired"!

Lucas V2.0.png

Lucas Palma

Lucas V2.0 BW.png

Head of Creative Studio

Lucas Palma is our Senior Creative Designer, he is responsible for overseeing design projects, creating original illustrations and infographics, reviewing production's work, and ensuring high-quality deliverables.


Lucas has expertise in graphic design, layout techniques, and marketing execution, as well as staying up-to-date with industry developments and tools. ​


He loves photography, specially when swimming in the ocean with his camera!


Tash Rea


Creative Coordinator

Tash is one of our Creative Coordinators—a master at managing client campaigns and projects. She's your link to our creative designers, ensuring seamless marketing project execution for print and digital.


Tash’s passions encompass travel, pilates, live music, and all things design. Her precision keeps projects on schedule, while her love for wellbeing and sunshine infuses everything she does.

Maisie V2.0.png

Maisie McFarland

Maisie V2.0 BW.png

Creative Coordinator

Maisie is one of our Creative Coordinators, making sure that your marketing projects run smoothly!


You’ll also catch her lurking around the office creating content for our socials.⁣


Emily-Rose Toohey



Emily is our editor, she is in charge of strategising, arranging, and refining content for our resource guide, newsletters, and website. She holds the responsibility for cultivating and upholding connections with our partners and associations. ​


Emily assesses narrative concepts and determines which content will captivate readers the most. Throughout the evaluation phase, she provides feedback to enhance writing quality and proposes suitable titles and headlines.


Outside of work, Emily enjoys watching movies and spending quality time with her family!


Jo Short


Senior Account Executive

Jo is one of our Senior Account Executives and she just LOVES to talk! She's very passionate about helping our clients get the best possible results.

Jo has worked within the sales and marketing industry for around 15 years. It is her true passion and what she genuinely loves to do. She also enjoys mentoring and developing new skills.

Jo sees the good in everyone - peace, love and a glass of red wine just about sums her up!

Declan V2.0.png

Declan Salmon

Declan V2.0 BW.png

Senior Account Executive

Declan is an Account Executive who is passionate about helping clients grow.


He also loves to keep active and spend time with family and friends.


He has a passion to travel the world.

Courtney V2.0.png

Courtney Dwyer

Courtney V2.0 BW.png

Account Executive

With a background in Research Psychology, Courtney is passionate about making an impact within the education sector by connecting key decision makers with the services they need to make relevant improvements.


Her experience has shown her that there are significant gaps that need to be addressed when it comes to education, and therefore has a long term vision to develop a research facility, and support the sector as part of her life's work.


In her spare time, besides furthering her Research Psychology studies, she loves to dance, go camping and connect with
loved ones.


Sam Johnson


Account Executive

Sam is an Account Executive who is passionate about helping clients grow.


He also loves to keep active and spend time with family and friends.


He has a passion to travel the world.

Brooke V2.0.png

Brooke Kendall

Brooke V2.0 BW.png

Account Executive

Brooke  is an Account Executive who is passionate about helping clients grow.


She also loves to keep active and spend time with family and friends.

 Success stories 

"We booked a package of three EDMs for the Education database, we were very impressed with the results we received, we checked our Google Analytics and within the

first few hours we had over 4,000 new views to our website and

gained four new clients each worth $5000 to our company.


I have already booked my next six months of marketing campaigns!"

— Shaun, Aeon Marketing


Bailey Lawson


Graphic Desginer

Bailey is one of our Graphic Designers, who is passionate about making unreadable notes and eventually turning that into readable trendy designs. You'll also find him producing and posting borderline viral pieces of social media for our many clients.


Always on him phone, Bailey keeps up with the latest trends and techniques in graphic design. By watching tutorials, time-lapses and Youtube videos he is constantly adding skills and tools to his belt of design.


During his spare time, Bailey enjoys reading comic books, going to the beach and having a chilled glass of rośe on a sunny evening.

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