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A consultancy-based company dedicated to improving the education sector, by connecting institutions to businesses and resources.

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The definitive resource for the education sector

The definitive resource guide that is dedicated to work alongside the latest funding.

Education Australia Resource Guide assists businesses that supply their products & services to the education sector by placing them directly in front of decision-makers.

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"In 2023, the Australian Government’s recurrent school funding is estimated to total $27.3 billion. This includes $10.6 billion for government schools, $9.3 billion for catholic schools, and $7.4 billion for independent schools."


— Australian Government

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 What's new in

Would you like to be in the know with the latest news and information surrounding education?


At the Education Australia Resource Guide, we have a passionate team dedicated to improving the standards and quality of the education sector across Australia. Keeping in regular contact with the decision makers of the education sector allows us to be in know about new companies, products, services ideas and concepts.

What the schools and universities say about us

"We received the resource guide! Was very useful.

Especially the NSW changes."

— Jordan Smith, Kimberley College

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