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Urban+: Thinking about a new CF400 chilled water unit for your school?

Here are 5 questions that may help determine which is the best unit for you?

1. Will the unit be wall or floor mounted?

The CF400 unit was designed to be wall mounted, however more and more schools want to have chilled water where there isn’t a supporting wall to the mount the unit on. Urban have designed a floor mounted CF400 which gives more flexibility when choosing locations around the school

2. What height do you need it at?

From Kindergarten through to year 12, the height of the fountain will depend on your age group. The CF400 is able to be mounted at different heights for different age groups. Urban recommends a bubbler height of 900mm for older middle to high school children and then around 700mm for younger primary age groups as needed. The lowest height we recommend is 675mm. The bottle fillers sit 300mm higher than the bubblers.

3. Is there a need for a Disabled Accessible AS1428 compliant basin

Urban has designed a DDA compliant basin that is engineered to fit on the side of the current CF400 model which offers accessible drinking water for those who have accessibility needs. The basin also incorporates an accessible bottle filler for any wheelchair users to be able to fill their bottles. With schools offering more and more outside school activities, having a DDA complaint drinking facility is becoming more and more popular.

4. Does the water need to be filtered?

Most water supplies are generally good to drink, however there is often a preference, and sometimes even a need, to filter the water. The CF400 comes with a filter as standard which sits within the confines of the unit and is easily accessed and changed when needed.

5. Do you want to customise your fountain?

Urban offer the choice of 100 different powder coating colours. The premium version allows you to choose customised words or lettering etched on a stainless steel banner. Some schools have been very creative by adding musical notes or motivational quotes while others choose key words that are meaningful to the school like the school ‘s name or “proudly funded by the P & C” for example.

Please see the video below which shows just a selection of the CF400’s that are currently getting their finishing touches before being sent to schools for the kids to enjoy in the new year.

Just some of the many CF400s waiting for their final touches before heading out to schools across the country. There will be a lot of happy kids getting fresh chilled water on their return next year.  

For more info, please contact Claire Allan 

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