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Urban+: Top 4 things to consider before purchasing a new school drinking fountain

Urban+ Fountains & Furniture is a purpose-led business with a mission to drive the circular economy. Its range of quality drinking fountains and outdoor furniture products have been designed to be architectural in design, functional, and extremely durable.

With over 20 years of experience supplying drinking fountains and bottle refill stations to schools, councils and commercial businesses, Urban+ knows a thing or two about what to consider before purchasing a new one. Below, they share with us their top 4 tips to ensure you find the best and most cost-effective solution for your school.

1. Do you need to buy brand new? Did you know, some businesses such as Urban+ can actually refurbish your existing fountain for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one? Restoring fountains not only has a cost benefit but it is also more environmentally friendly. Another alternative to buying new is to consider leasing a new fountain instead. By leasing the fountain, you no longer have to worry about servicing or maintaining the asset. It can also save your school money in the long run.

2. Choose the location of your fountain Where you install your new fountain is very important as there are a number of cost-saving considerations to think about. A couple of key things to remember is that installing it close to existing plumbing, undercover and away from trees can cut down on installation and maintenance costs considerably.

3. Establish who will be using the drinking fountain When thinking about what functionality you need, first consider who will be using the fountain. Some good questions to ask yourself are; Does the fountain meet the current Watermark Standard? Does it need to be disabled accessible or a certain height for small children? Do you require a bottle filler or maintenance tap? If you require chilled water, does your new fountain have a chilling capacity able to withstand the lunchtime rush?

4. And lastly, what colour or finish does your fountain need? When deciding on your fountain’s finish, go back and consider its location and end user. Important location factors include whether or not it needs to be resistant to harsh coastal environments, in which case, a full 316 stainless steel finish would suit best. Other factors include whether it needs to blend in with its surroundings or stand out so it’s easily recognisable. With over 100 powder coat colours to choose from as well as the option to add your school logo, design or message to the side of the fountain, the Urban+ team can help ensure your new fountain ticks all the boxes.


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