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Tolife Technologies: The super solution against super lice

The spread of head lice is a global problem which has been affecting millions of families over the years, with historians’ finding evidence of their existence from centuries past.

In recent time, head lice, now dubbed “super lice,” have found a way to mutate and evolve to become resistant against the most common treatments, especially chemical-based solutions. As such, it becomes essential to continue developing products that remain effective, while providing a safety and convenience to users.

The V-COMB A1 is the latest innovation to the stubborn and recurrent issue of head lice infestations, going above and beyond in providing peace of mind to families suffering from the head lice problem. The battery-powered device is a solution that provides a safe, allergen- & chemical-free treatment.

Unlike traditional treatments which are now becoming ineffective, the V-COMB A1 is able to get rid of even the chemical-treatment “super lice” and eggs. Through a combination of combing and suction power, this revolutionary product eliminates head lice and eggs from the head and into a disposable capture filter. After the treatment, the filter automatically seals, trapping the nasty bugs, and providing a hands-free and mess-free disposal, helping prevent reinfestations.

For a lot of parents, head lice infestations are battles that can be won one day, only for the children to bring back a brand-new case the next. Taking this into consideration, the V-COMB A1 can also be used as a detection tool through its transparent and LED-illuminated chamber, which serves as a tool to check if there is any activity on the head. Furthermore, the device can be used on as many heads and as many times as needed, which is ideal for bigger families that are susceptible to reinfestations.

The V-COMB A1 also received the prestigious Good Design Award for its design, innovation, and performance. The jury on the panel had the following praise for the product:

“An innovative solution to a stubborn and recurrent issue. A well-designed product that takes the needs of the patient and carer into account by eliminating harmful chemicals. By designing a multi-use device, the accessibility issue for head lice is a potential improvement. The hands-free nature of the product will be attractive to parents and healthcare providers. The use of vacuum power is a positive aspect of the design, as well as the disposable filters.”

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