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Thrust Floors: Are you currently providing the right flooring protection for your students?

The Chairman and Managing Director of the largest manufacturer/installer of parquet in Australia has largely been responsible for the widespread marketing, sale and installation of a very broad range of Parquet and Specialty Wood Floor products

and systems.

With over 50 years’ of experience in exquisite Timber flooring in Australia, Thrust Floors are truly the leading flooring designer. Our highly qualified team have the skills to work with our clients to design a Wooden Floor that will have everyone walking (and talking!), in accordance with your budget, personal tastes and other requirements. Thrust Floors offers an array of flooring options to suit any needs, understanding on how to choose the right sports flooring for your institute is highly important when it comes to protecting your students.

Sprung Flooring The "spring" which must form a part of any Sprung Flooring System has the ability for the flooring system to "absorb shock" and recover (rebound or spring) back to its original state, instantly which is great for almost any sports activity as well as performing arts.

"AIR THRUST" “Air-Thrust” is a unique form of sports flooring that is a Wood Floor System that is mounted on a "cushion-of-air" construction. This unique design allows more than 50% of the air entrapped beneath the flooring system to be vented, giving it the chance to absorb and recover the dynamic shocks from any sport.

“Air-Thrust” type floors carry an unmatched 35 years guarantee and the care and maintenance of it is much easier than most Sprung Floors available. This is due to the very tight fitting nature of the parquetry flooring playing surface as it's been sanded and finished to a "slick" surface with excellent "glide" and is totally free of the open gaps and spacing joints that must be built into conventional hardwood floorboards.

“Air-Thrust” Sprung Floors offer more than just outstanding performance, but the ability to generate significant savings in the area of scheduled maintenance all backed by the company’s unique 35 Years Guarantee!

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