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SURVIVAL: Empowering education through safety: a call to action with survival

Survival Emergency Solutions ,“SURVIVAL” was born out of tragedy in 1988 by twin brothers Tim and Jerry. Both founders faced separate major emergencies within a close timeframe.

Jerry unfortunately was unable to save a loved one whilst Tim was fortunate enough that his 4 year-old son, Michael (and now CEO of SURVIVAL), survived. The feeling of helplessness, not knowing what to do during the emergency and not having access to the right equipment was the catalyst for SURVIVAL.

SURVIVAL exists to empower and educate people worldwide so that they have a better chance of responding in an emergency. When seconds count, you want the best First Aid Kits.

The SURVIVAL Difference

In 2022, Choice Experts rated our Family First Aid KIT (known also as our Workplace First Aid KIT) #1. We aim to help you in an emergency so that you don’t experience the same helplessness our founders did. We do this by making the navigation of the first aid KITs easy. Instead of searching through a first aid KIT like a lucky dip, our system takes out the guess work:

  • Colour coded labelling system – helps you identify items for TRAUMA, HYGIENE, UTILITIES or INFORMATION easily and at glance

  • Every component is labelled – telling you what the item is, what you should use it for and how many you should keep for compliance

  • Restocking is easy – thanks to every component pocket being identifiable and with the quantity shown, you can easily restock a KIT after use or for the annual audit

  • Rugged and durable bags – that are tried, tested and built to last

Which KITs are right for your school?

Workplace Kit Plus / Workplace Kit

This KIT is workplace compliant and the one you need to have in the classroom, sick bay and office. It is compliant for up to 50 people. This KIT should be positioned in central locations throughout your school.

Vehicle Kit

The Vehicle KIT is perfect for any staff vehicles which may leave the school site and ensures they are compliant.

GRAB&GO School Kit

We built this KIT with schools and educators in mind. It is a super portable KIT that can be worn as a shoulder bag or a ‘bum bag’- with our SURVIVAL assurance! It’s got everything you need for minor through to major emergencies and is ideal for the school yard and excursions. It also includes a section for you to carry an EpiPen in an insulated pouch, as well as asthma resources.

Snake Bite Kit

Our best-selling Snake Bite KIT ensures you have peace of mind when faced with an emergency. It has everything you need to deal with a snake bite, funnel-web spider bite, cone shell sting or blue ringed octopus bite. This KIT should accompany excursions where there is a risk of snake bite and should be kept within the school in areas where there is a risk of snakes.

Fundraising for the P&C

Imagine a fundraising experience where every purchase contributes to your cause and promotes community safety. That's the essence of fundraising with SURVIVAL – it's about making a lasting impact, one that goes beyond.

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