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State One Fire Protection: Does your school have the correct fire safety standards in place?

CSIRO experts explain the significance of an El Nino’ event for Australia this summer in the wake of the Bureau of Meteorology declaring an El Nino’ event is now underway.

Bushfires/Grassfires - Australia is a continent prone to bushfires which can pose considerable danger to lives and property. Bushfires and grassfires can be started by natural causes, such as lightning strikes, or by people (accidentally or on purpose). Weather conditions and fuel conditions play a part in bushfires happening.

Electrical fires - are caused by faulty electrical outlets or worn-out sockets that aren’t property grounded. Other wire-related causes of electrical fires include overloaded outlets and circuits, damaged or frayed cords, and improper use of extension cords, and faulty electrical equipment.

Does your School have the correct Fire Safety Standards in place?

These include:

Fire Safety Programs

Installation of Fire Systems

Fire Equipment Training

Compliance Certificates

Annual / 6 Monthly Fire Protection Equipment Inspections

Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)

Fire Panel Zone Block Plans

Evacuation Diagrams & Fire Panel Zone Block Plans

Evacuation Exercise Assistance

Be ready to act. Have confidence that your School Staff and Teachers are well informed about the use of Fire Safety Equipment and Evacuation Exercises.

When it comes to fire safety, preparation and protection, State One Fire covers all your fire protection and accreditation needs. With over 25 years of industry experience, our qualified technicians will provide your facilities with the most cost-effective solutions and services.

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