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Silverscreen Designer Whiteboards: The classroom whiteboard deserves more!

We believe that the classroom whiteboard deserves to be so much more than just a humble piece of neglected and rapidly deteriorating equipment.

We installed multiple Glass Whiteboards at a local high school. This installation is very dear to our hearts as the school is around the corner from our factory. Our Glass Whiteboards blend seamlessly with the wall next to the school desks. Our installation of Glass Whiteboards adds a modern yet functional touch to the classroom.

A perfect addition to any school!

The Deputy Principal was so excited to create this for her students. Her students and faculty also value Integrity, Excellence, Spirit, Diversity and Opportunity. We are so delighted these students will create their futures on our SilverScreen Glass Whiteboards. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the education of our local young community.

Safe and mess-free, perfect for students of all ages to express themselves on a Glass Whiteboard - we just love it!

Students can create with water-based paint and whiteboard markers all over the glass, and it can be cleaned up easily with water or window cleaner and a microfibre cloth. A SilverScreen Glass Whiteboard or glass wall is ideal for daycare centres, kindergartens, pre-schools, primary schools and high schools as well as graffiti lovers. Imagine engaging students discovering and expressing their ideas on a Glass Whiteboard. Made in 100% Australian safety glass in Australia, this is a beautiful and long lasting asset for the classroom.

Student say "We love our SilverScreen Glass Whiteboard and use it as a powerful tool for study" ... as all the conventional and technological tools are being superseded by the simplicity of a Glass Whiteboard.

There is a myriad of uses for a Glass Whiteboard in the classroom

  • For making to-do lists

  • As a group study aid

  • As a place to write reminders for the class

  • For group work/ Kahoots or whenever students collaborate

  • To draw reaction mechanisms, charts and graphics… over and over again.

  • Also available as magnetic in your choice of colour and size.

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