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Shade 'N' Sails: Stay cool, stay shaded: shade sails for all seasons

Sun protection is a statement that we all hear and understand, but how do we achieve that protection in a school environment? At Shade ‘N’ Sails, we are not only able to provide students and staff with the sun protection they need, but we are able to achieve this by transforming outdoor spaces into sun-smart learning and play areas.

We understand the vital role both sun protection and outdoor learning play in a child’s education, and also the need to create spaces that are visually appealing. At Shade ‘N’ Sails, we can create custom shade spaces that fit the needs of a school, whether it be a shade over playgrounds, sand play areas, outdoor classrooms, or even all-weather protection for large sports courts (COLA structures). Our trusted team will work with you to create not only protection from damaging UV rays or rain, but also a pleasing space to look at.

Shade ‘N’ Sails provides a wide variety of services across Victoria, ranging from full design, manufacture and installation of your shade including relevant council permits, to shade sail/structure audits or inspections, and repairs and maintenance of existing shade structures. All manufacturing is performed by experienced staff in our factory located in regional Victoria. Quality craftsmanship and durability are at the heart of what we do. Our shades are meticulously crafted using premium shade mesh and PVC fabrics, that withstand the rigours of outdoor use to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

You can trust that our shade products will provide a safe and comfortable environment for outdoor learning and play, even in challenging weather conditions. When it comes to designing for education spaces, our expert team takes multiple factors into account, including UV requirements, the height of play equipment, waterproof options, planning issues and aesthetics. We can assist schools with the following structures:

  •  Shade sails

  •  Umbrellas – hypar umbrellas

  •  Cantilever structures

  •  Hip and ridge structures

  •  Large barrel structure over sports courts (COLA structures)

Established in 1999, Shade ‘N’ Sails specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing shade products. Our team works with fully qualified engineers who specialise in this specific field of tensile structures. Because school students are frequently outdoors, protection from the sun is essential for skin health, and shade structures are therefore an effective cost-saving option. Aside from the aforementioned UV protection benefits, shade structures also offer protection against rainy weather, allowing students to continue enjoying outdoor play without interference. Shades also provide cooler play areas, sheltered eating spots, and brighten up outside spaces with a myriad of colours. Shade structures offer the perfect balance of encouraging school students to spend time outdoors exercising and offering protection from the sun, subsequently reducing the possibility of sunburn.

Be sure to contact Shade ‘N’ Sails today to explore a variety of options to enhance your school with our shade structures.

03 5339 2330


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