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Reflecting Power: An hour a day back to principals for more important work

If your workload were reduced by an hour a day and you felt less stressed, what difference would it make to your educational leadership and wellbeing?

If you are like most school leaders, you are a skilled educator who has been promoted into management and leadership. You were probably never trained in the basics of how to work well, especially how to work in an environment that has the high volume, velocity and variability of work of a school.

Imagine an empty inbox, a plan for the week (that allows for the inevitable disruptions), more effective delegation to eliminate surprises, tracking all assigned work, getting time to develop your teachers, and going home each night with your head clear so you can be fully with your family and friends.

Reflecting Power is pleased to recommend the Personal Efficiency Program from PEPworldwideTM, a strengths-based coaching program that offers all this and more.

What principals say:

  • “Highly recommended, some of the most useful and practice-changing PD I have done.”

  • “Do it! - It will save you 4-6 hours of your time per week if you build it into your habits and you will wish you did it earlier in your career as a principal.”

  • “A strong program to help guide you in leadership practice.”

Interested in being more productive and less stressed?

Let’s talk and see if this approach is a good fit for you and your school.

0419 550 277

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