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Since 2005, Prebuilt has led the way in collaborating with prominent Australian Education providers, bringing architecturally designed school buildings to campuses faster than traditional methods. The goal - to enhance the learning environment throughout Victoria and NSW.

Prebuilt's commitment extends beyond prefabrication; it lies in providing permanent modular school buildings and educational facilities that seamlessly integrate with the existing educational ecosystem. The advantages are multifaceted, with a pronounced reduction in impact on staff, students, and school programs.

Through collaborative partnerships with renowned architecture firms nominated by the client, along with in-house architects and designers, Prebuilt has mastered the delicate balance between impressive design and the efficiency of prefabricated construction. This approach has propelled Prebuilt to successfully roll out school buildings for over 35 school institutions across eastern Australia.

The Prebuilt difference

All building elements come to life at Prebuilt's expansive 40,000 sqm manufacturing facility in Kilsyth, Victoria. With manufacturing methods that adopt advanced DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) techniques, Prebuilt ensures complete quality compliance with ISO-certified processes. Prebuilt is proud to be ISO certified for Quality ISO9001, Workplace Health & Safety ISO45001, and Environment ISO14001.

In the factory-controlled environment, framing, lock up, and fit-off occur in a matter of weeks with strict quality control processes followed. A dedicated team of in-house architects, engineers, and project managers inspect, with the client's representatives, every stage of construction to ensure what is built is as per the design under an integrated management system.

Delivery and installation are carefully scheduled during school holiday breaks and weekends, minimising disruptions to busy timetables and overcoming potential access challenges.

Enjoying the benefits of a prefabricated approach

Prebuilt’s most recent venture, in its fifth collaboration with Caulfield Grammar, saw the delivery of a new state-of-the-art building for grades one to three. The architecturally designed building was part of a large project for the Caulfield Grammar Wheelers Hill campus, designed by McIldowie Partners Architects and delivered by Prebuilt over an impressive nine-month period.

The new building comprises eight Learning Areas, seven classrooms, staff offices and recreation areas, reception, and refurbishment of the multipurpose hall. Stepping outside the building, significant improvements were undertaken including a substantial retaining wall, sandpits and playgrounds, and hard and soft landscaping to nestle the building into its surrounds.

The semi-sub-terranean design saw the building nestled down into the site to facilitate a first-floor entry sequence. This required detailed excavation and retaining and a coordinated delivery response.

Complexities of the build included upgrading the fire system in the school compound as part of the overall delivery from Prebuilt.

Prebuilt was able to fast-track the project delivery through concurrent works. Whilst the existing building was demolished and the site prepared by our team for the new building, Prebuilt simultaneously undertook the design documentation and modular building works in its facility.

Installation of the building took place on a weekend to minimise disruption to the school program, with the final onsite works completed thereafter.

Why Choose a Prebuilt permanent modular building?

Minimising Disruptions: A Seamless Learning Environment

One of the primary concerns when undertaking construction projects in educational institutions is the potential disruption to the learning environment. Prebuilt’s approach to modular construction emerges as a solution that significantly minimises this disruption. Traditional construction methods often involve extended timelines, often 40-50% longer than modular building, causing prolonged disturbances to daily school activities. In contrast, modular construction's off-site fabrication allows for simultaneous on-site preparation, resulting in reduced on-site construction time. The majority of construction occurs off-site in a controlled environment, ensuring a seamless and undisturbed learning experience for students and educators.

Safety Assured

Prebuilt’s ISO45001 certification ensures a safe and healthy workplace for everyone involved. With a senior management team that leads by example, conducting regular audits to uphold industry codes and implement project-specific safety procedures. Prebuilt implements health, safety, and environmental policies through teamwork and constant consultations, as well as work with government and private consultants to implement project-specific safety procedures.

Sustainable Thinking, Sustainable Building

Operating as a manufacturing process, Prebuilt employs Building Information Modelling (BIM) to ensure precision in material orders. This includes strategic bulk procurement and the responsible recycling of any waste, resulting in a substantial reduction in overall waste generation. Prebuilt structures utilise renewable materials including sustainable timber, and don’t rely on conventional building materials like concrete and brick.

Taking the commitment to sustainability further, Prebuilt’s facility is equipped with 100kWh PV panels, serving as a sustainable energy source. These panels play a pivotal role in supplying all the power needed for the factory, head office, and even a dedicated Tesla charging point. This multi-faceted approach exemplifies dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices throughout the construction process.

Flexibility in design

Working with Prebuilt introduces enhanced flexibility, where the combination of modular and on-site construction becomes a practical and prevalent strategy. Referred to as DfMA, or Design for Manufacture and Assembly, this hybrid model offers a customized solution that optimally harnesses the strengths of both construction methods. Employing DfMA proves to be a highly effective means to expedite a program of works.

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) allows Prebuilt to work closely and collaboratively on the project delivery with the architect and a wide range of consultants including site logistics, modular conceptual layouts, project schedule and budget information, DDA, and building surveyors to ensure all elements are considered and included in the early planning stages of a buildings design. ECI allows for more accurate cost estimations during the design phase, providing insights into the costs associated with modular construction, including transportation, assembly, and site-specific requirements. This early understanding of costs helps in budget planning and prevents unexpected expenses during construction.

Engineering Expertise

Prebuilt’s in-house structural documentation and engineering team work with external engineering consultants and architects to deliver design-led structurally efficient buildings. Prebuilt’s structural engineers ensure that the modular components are designed to withstand the loads and stresses they will experience during transportation, lifting, and assembly. Optimising the design for both structural integrity and efficient use of materials whilst adhering to building codes. This includes considerations for factors such as wind loads, seismic activity, and other environmental conditions.

Experience the Prebuilt Difference

Connect with Prebuilt Commercial to explore a collaborative journey where thoughtful architecture intersects with educational excellence. Enhance your school's infrastructure, foster inspiration among students, and build a legacy with structures that resonate with your commitment to education.

Contact Prebuilt today to schedule a consultation and discover how Prebuilt Commercial can transform your school's landscape.

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