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Polyflor Australia: Expona Commercial

Polyflor is the quintessential culmination of hard-wearing functional flooring and intricate and eye-catching bespoke design. Expona Commercial is no exception when it comes to Polyflor’s high level of design acumen and field research. 

Expona Commercial provides the perfect flooring solution for educational facilities, its hard-wearing surface means you don’t have to worry about high foot traffic ruining your floors. In addition to this, the beautiful designs allow for an inviting space for learning, that unlike traditional educational facilities are not an eyesore that dampen any sense creativity and intrigue for knowledge. 

The Expona Commercial Wood collection features extensive arrays of timber designs, offering a plethora of shades with subtlety and variation. The range has expertly portrayed the allure and beauty of natural wood planks. Expona Commercial Stone is an essential and contemporary collection of natural mineral design and modern man-made materials, including clean and rustic stone effects, strong slate design and raw industrial surfaces. Extensively researched and developed, the collections cool neutral palette beautifully replicated the unpredictability of classic materials.

From the first stages of developing your interior space, we help you realise your vision with bespoke floor installations. We have worked closely with architects and designers over the years to create striking floor coverings for hundreds of buildings, across all commercial sectors. From conception to completion, we provide visuals, advise on colour combinations and product selection to mirror the attitude and lifestyle of an overall scheme. There's virtually no limit to the shapes, patterns, or imagery you can create with Polyflor's design service, realised through the precision and flexibility of waterjet cutting technology to meet your unique requirements.

The flexibility of Luxury Vinyl Tiles to be laid individually allow us to discover a wide assortment of flooring patterns. With little to no cutting required, beautiful flooring installations such as herringbone and tramline patterns can create eye-catching interiors, guide users through the space or create multi-purpose zones. To add further highlights to any flooring installation, a selection of Expona inlay strips can be introduced. 

A selection of Expona Commercial designs within this collection features an aligned surface emboss, that works in conjunction with the decorative layer. This ensures an authentic and accurate representation of the natural material depicted, as the embossing creates unique textures and patterns specific to that design.

All the designs within the Expona Commercial collection are exclusive to Polyflor and beautiful as stand-alone installations. However, we appreciate that individuality is important too, and the desire for a distinct or bespoke finish that is truly unique. When an individual installation pattern is required, tailored to your own vision or corporate style, we can help you actualise this through our range of inlay strips, out-of-the-box design floors, and waterjet design floor service for bespoke motifs.

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