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PGL Australia: Supporting learning outcomes through our DISCOVER! Program.

At PGL, you can introduce your students to a whole new world of outdoor learning experiences with our DISCOVER! Program. Perfect for Year 3 and 4, it is designed to support the learning outcomes that matter most to you as a teacher and your pupils, through independence, confidence building, cooperation, learning new skills and new experiences. 


Independence is a key skill that’ll help your young learners throughout school and life. PGL can help to develop this by delivering an adventurous program, away from the home and classroom where pupils give challenges a go on their own, get themselves ready for the day, choose their own meals and so much more! 

Being away from home for the first time, needing to take responsibility for their belongings and make small decisions for themselves in a controlled environment helps to build independence in your students. 


There’s nothing better for us than to see guests thrive and develop when they come to PGL. With our range of confidence building activities, any pupils find the courage and confidence they didn’t know they had. At PGL we believe in moving students beyond their ‘comfort’ zone and into their ‘stretch’ zone, where the magic happens. We use gentle encouragement and positive feedback to stretch children from where they are, into a place that they didn’t know they could in habit. Whether it’s getting confident with water activities, being given responsibilities within a group setting or simply challenging themselves to complete a thrilling activity, the DISCOVER! Program will have your pupils grow an inch taller and glowing with confidence. 


We know that cooperation is important in your classroom, and we aim to build on these skills in our DISCOVER! Program as well! Great cooperation helps with group work in the classroom and understanding each other. At PGL, we promote this through our activities where teamwork is the main focus. Challenges such as Raft Build, Low Ropes and Bushcraft are some to name a few, where students need to work together to overcome a challenge or reach a goal! 


New skills

A good relationship with your students can form At PGL we ensure our program broadens your pupils’ horizons by trying new activities outdoors, often for the first time. Our incredible selection of adventure activities fosters the development of all-new skills, whether that’s some of the skills mentioned above, or skills related to a specific activity. 


New experiences  

Differentiating learning is something that helps all school pupils, especially in primary school. For students in Grades 3-4, a lot of experiences on camp will be something that they will be trying for the first time, whether it’s being away from home overnight for the first time, trying out adventure activities, or trying food that might be different to what they eat at home, there’s a learning experience around every corner!

Book your school camp with PGL!

To start planning your next school camp, contact us on the details below. We’d love to show you the PGL difference.  


PGL Adventure Camps  

3 camp locations in Australia:  

  • Campaspe Downs (near Kyneton, VIC)  

  • Camp Rumbug (near Wilson’s Prom, VIC)   

  • Kindilan (Redlands Bay, QLD)  

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