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Maia Financial: a shopping list that’s more than a wish list

A finance partner that gives you the freedom of choice

Considering an Operating Lease Maia Financial Operating Leases can offer flexibility that cash purchases do not provide while giving you an end-to-end, risk-managed life cycle of your chosen assets.

Starting with your choice of brand and model, a Maia Financial Operating Lease can be tailored to that specific asset to ensure it has a full life cycle of well- maintained service. Unlike cash, you are not locked in, you retain the freedom to refresh your assets if your needs change with financing that saves time, money and valuable resources.

Here’s how;

Operating lease Control - All costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading equipment can be built into your repayments including equipment disposal.

Liquidity - Preserves tactical cash reserves.

Secure - Services like the collection of equipment from the site and damage provisions can also be included, down to asset-specific needs like secure data wiping.

Risk Managed - pressure on the re-sale value of assets is alleviated, in most cases, the residual risk is placed onto Maia Financial. Clients are compensated for re-sale at the time of the purchase instead of waiting years.

Sustainable - With access to a panel of over 30 re-marketers a Maia operating lease enables you to sustainably give each asset a second life.

The cost of cash When an asset is acquired with cash the total service costs and risks over its lifetime can be difficult to estimate. Further cash purchases are not flexible, locking your school into an asset without the freedom to switch or upgrade.

Asset life cycle expenses - consider the operational cost of managing maintenance, upgrades, repurposing, re-conditioning, and selling the asset.

Staffing – consider the human resourcing of time, training and administrative processes to monitor and sustain the lifecycle.

Limited to Fixed Assets – upgrades are limited to initial cash terms.

Margins and Fees - Outsourced asset sales are subject to unpredictable margins and fees not visible at the time of acquisition.

Volatility – there is no predicting disposal outcomes or future markets for your assets.

Loss Avoidance - specialist expertise and networks are required to leverage the asset disposal marketplace and minimise avoidable losses.

Community expectations – serving the duty of care to achieve the best possible outcome for your school.

As you can see, how you finance assets for your school plays a big part in how much value is extracted during their life cycle.

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