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Jands: Crafting Professional-Quality Content in Education with Shure Microphones

Content creation in education is evolving, driven by the need for high-quality audio and video to engage students and enhance learning experiences. As educators and content creators strive to produce professional-grade podcasts and video content, the challenge of capturing clear, broadcast-quality audio in diverse environments gains more importance. Shure, a legendary brand of audio equipment for nearly a century, offers optimal solutions with its MV7+ Podcast Microphone and MoveMic Wireless Lavalier Microphone, ensuring superior audio content is captured.

Educators and content creators face numerous hurdles, from ambient noise in classrooms to the varying acoustics of different recording spaces. The demand for reliable, easy-to-use equipment that can deliver professional sound quality is critical. Shure's MV7+ and MoveMic microphones address these needs, providing versatile, high-performance tools that simplify the content creation process.

The MV7+ Podcast Microphone is an ideal choice for capturing crystal-clear audio in diverse environments. Whether it's a bustling classroom or a quiet studio, this microphone excels in isolating the speaker's voice from background noise. With advanced DSP capabilities and a customizable LED touch panel, users can achieve optimal sound quality effortlessly. Its voice isolation technology ensures clear recordings, while the auto level mode adjusts the microphone’s gain based on distance and volume, providing consistent audio levels. Additionally, the real-time denoiser and digital pop filter enhance the clarity of recordings, making it easier to produce professional-grade content while making post-production easier. With USB-C and XLR outputs, the MV7+ offers versatile connectivity options, and its customizable LED touch panel adds a unique touch to any recording setup.

The Shure MoveMic Wireless Lavalier Microphone offers unparalleled convenience and performance. This compact and discreet microphone is perfect for mobile content creators, videographers, and journalists who need to capture high-quality audio on the go. The MoveMic pairs directly with iOS and Android devices via the Shure MOTIV apps, enabling quick and easy recording. It utilises custom acoustics and proprietary wireless software to deliver broadcast-quality sound, surpassing the capabilities of traditional mobile devices. With up to 24 hours of recording time and an IPX4 rating for durability, the MoveMic is designed to handle various recording conditions, from bustling classrooms to outdoor settings.

These microphones provide reliable, high-performance solutions that simplify the content creation process and ensure superior audio quality. For those interested in incorporating Shure microphones into their educational content creation toolkit, Jands, the exclusive distributors in Australia, and their authorised dealers are your primary contacts. To learn more about these products and how they can enhance your educational content, visit

02 9582 0909


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