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IntraSpace: Case Study: City of Parramatta Library at PHIVE

PHIVE is Parramatta’s community, cultural and civic hub, located in the heart of Parramatta’s CBD. It is now the permanent home of the City of Parramatta Library — a world-class public library, with study areas, an extensive book collection and a wide range of digital resources to meet the needs of local communities. The library has recently been awarded as the Winner of the ALIA Design Awards focused on design, strategic relevance, and impact. 

IntraSpace worked extensively over a couple of years with DesignInc (Sydney) to fully design the custom built-in library shelving. The design incorporates static and mobile Convertible Library Shelving, along with custom red colour shelves, hidden castors, bulkheads with integrated LED lights, to name a few. The kids’ area boasts of plywood shelving with acrylic book tubs and slatwall displays.

In today's fast-paced world, libraries need to adapt to changing needs and maximise the use of limited space. That is where IntraSpace’s Convertible Library Shelving comes in. We understand the challenges of managing a library and we have made a solution that provides flexibility and versatility.

The Convertible Library Shelving are made of laminate board and metal shelves. Pre-drilled pin holes are spaced to suit the interchangeability function of the shelves. The metal shelves are designed to be used as angled shelves or as flat shelves — when angled, the front lip serves to hold books in place; when used flat, the return lip prevents books falling from the back. Other accessories include acrylic dividers used for segregating and keeping items in place on the shelves. 

The Convertible Library Shelving promotes accessibility and inclusivity — the adjustable shelves make it easier for users of different heights or mobility levels to access the books and resources. The versatile layout options also ensure that the library is accessible to individuals with diverse needs, such as those using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

IntraSpace provides a wide range of modular seating options designed to meet the specific requirements of schools. When implementing flexible layouts in a classroom, it is not just about adding unique and entertaining chairs. It involves incorporating the perspectives and preferences of students, encouraging their active participation, facilitating group collaboration, and accommodating their unique learning environment needs. 

For all seating and furniture projects for your school or library setting aimed at increasing efficiency and maximising space usage, contact IntraSpace on 1800 800 573.

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