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Goalrilla: The toughest basketball system on the planet

Grab a ball and head outside!

Whether it’s adjustable height systems for Primary Schools or fixed height systems for Secondary Schools GOALRILLA has you covered. We offer fixed-height systems with both Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel backboards. Our Adjustable systems lower to 7.5” so that children of all ages can play.

Safety, durability, playability, Goalrilla has it all and more. We brought Goalrilla to Australia so that children could play on the best basketball systems in the world. Goalrilla Basketball has a passion for sports, fitness and families and hopes that our basketball systems will bring your school children together as they leave their couches and devices and lace up their shoes, grab a ball and head outside for hours of fun.

Goalrilla’s durability puts it above other basketball systems. A school with a Goalrilla will have many decades of the very best, compared to others who need to continually replace their lower-quality basketball systems as they rust, crack, break and fall apart.

Many basketball systems are not built to withstand a slam dunk, but Goalrilla basketball systems allow those who play above the rim to elevate their games.

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