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Digital Camera Warehouse: We recommend Canon for interactive education

A comprehensive solution for educational excellence.

Educators constantly seek ways to enhance the learning experience, stimulate young minds, and prepare the next wave of professionals. Finding the right tools or solution to do this can be long and arduous. However, with the right advice, a solution can help unlock a new window of creativity for students through exploring, imagination and collaboration. This process drives the team at Digital Camera Warehouse and Canon to continue their partnership by introducing new technology to the next generation of teachers and industry leaders. 

Digital Camera Warehouse's legacy spans over 21 years in business and more than 15 years dedicated to education partnerships. Our customers have given us a 4.8-star Google Review rating validating our expertise and service (as at 09/Sep/21). Recognised as a current accredited supplier under the New South Wales Government Contract 278, our Australian operation is committed to employing local talents and supporting our national economy. 

What truly differentiates us is our specialised focus on educational needs. Our Government Liaison Educators, Amanda and Dean, offer expert consultation services to schools and universities, ensuring your uniquely tailored solutions are fulfilled with detailed knowledge and timely responses. From efficient quote-to-pay processes to eco-friendly practices and a trusted repair network to reliable after-sales support, Digital Camera Warehouse offers an all-encompassing service to facilitate students and the educational system. 

Recognised as Australia's Most Trusted Brand according to a YouGov survey conducted in January 2023 (n=5,06), Canon's broad range of offerings encompass more than just cameras and printers. They extend to scientifically advanced calculators approved by the Board of Studies and video equipment that complements Chromebooks, offering an integrated learning experience for the tech-savvy student. 

With a generous 5-year warranty on cameras and lenses and the ease of connectivity via dedicated Canon Camera & Print Apps, Canon stands unparalleled in facilitating interactive education. 

Imagine a classroom where students wield Canon's cutting-edge mirrorless cameras to capture not just photos and video but social and cultural experiences, enriching their learning journey. Couple that with the versatile Canon lenses and printers, and you have a suite of educational tools that nurture creativity, encourage advanced learning, and prepare students for a digitally interconnected world. 

To ensure your educational institution benefits from state-of-the-art technology that enhances teaching and learning, look no further than Digital Camera Warehouse to meet your specific needs and budget. To support your institution in adopting such groundbreaking products, we offer special school packages tailored to your needs and budget constraints. Whether you represent a school or a university, our dedicated specialists are just a call away at 1300 365 220 or reachable via email at

Choose a comprehensive solution for educational excellence; choose Digital Camera Warehouse. 

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