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CPK Web Services: an award winning web service

At CPK Web Services we are a multi award winning provider of Managed Website hosting and managed services.

As a proud Microsoft partner since 2018 we will gladly assist your School or university, or Tafe with any Microsoft Education licenses.

More then just licenses

At CPK Web Services as a multi award winning provider of managed services we can bundle a great range of managed services including website hosting as well as Spam and Virus filtering and we can backup your entire Microsoft 365 environment as well.

All this can be done for the one annual fee.

Our history

At CPK Web Services we’ve been designing developing and hosting websites since 2009 so understand both the commercial side of running a business but we also understand that budgets can be tight Chad Kelly our Managing Director and founder has spent a number of years in the non profit sector otherwise known as the third sector so understands how to work with limited budgets.

One of Chad’s first consulting tasks was for Deakin University when he was still a student, Chad advised the university on how they could make an online language learning tool more accessible for students with a disability, attempting to use the software with screen reading

(text to speech) software. It was discovered that some parts of the software such as quizzes didn’t allow screen reading and or text to speech software to work correctly as the Online Tool developed by the university wasn’t WCAG, Web Content Accessibility guidelines 2.0 compliant. This meant that the web based tool wasn’t completely accessible to all students. At CPK Web Services we ensure all our websites and web based tools are WCAG compliant and work for the largest amount of people possible.

So what about Education ?

We bring all this wealth of experience to the Education sector. We can offer your place of Education website design and development at a competitive price that is WCAG compliant along with managed website hosting housed within the Microsoft Azure Cloud hosted in Australia.

We can also offer graphic design services.

High speed Broadband

As well as being a Microsoft and Trend Micro partner CPK Web Services can also offer you high speed broadband connectivity either through the NBN National Broadband Network or we also offer Fibre connectivity from non NBN providers such as Telstra which means we can assist your school with high speed broadband which gives you 1GBPS symmetrical speeds.

This in simple terms means you get the same speed for both upload and download which means that you can both access online tools and share files a lot faster. We also provide all our Education customers with a Static IP address which is publicly routable which is perfect for hosting services such as email if you wish to continue hosting your Microsoft Exchange servers in a Hybrid environment. This gives you both On-Premises hosted Exchange and the

productivity of Microsoft365 all on the one bill.

We also offer our Education clients a Clean DNS product that filters the internet of porn and other material that is unsafe such as Viruses and we can also offer a managed Firewall offering along with this as well. So we can protect all your staff and students while online and this protection can also be extended to guest Wi-Fi as well.

We can also offer NBNEE Enterprise Ethernet which is the high speed Fibre offering from NBN Co.

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