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CONNETIX in the senior years of schooling

What is universally true across all ages is that humans are curious learners, compelled to explore the unknown. Adolescents are particularly driven by this notion. With rapidly developing brains, sensation-seeking behaviour and brilliant imaginations, teenagers are a catalyst for generating new ideas and ingenuity. As an innovative and novel resource that naturally appeals to secondary students, educators across the globe are implementing CONNETIX magnetic tiles into their lessons to harness these adolescent strengths and prime the foundations for lifelong learning. 

The scope of applying CONNETIX as a teaching resource is endless, from boosting vocabulary, learning the periodic table, cementing understanding of fractions, to grasping much broader concepts such as magnetism, force, gravity, motion, and light refractions. With vibrant and captivating tiles, CONNETIX effortlessly engage young people in fun, interactive and creative ways, which is at the heart of meaningful and HIGH-IMPACT learning. 

As a STEAM certified product with the Good Play Guide, CONNETIX are an exceptional tool to support students’ exploration of a variety of STEAM learning concepts. Widely utilised during experiential and practical based tasks, CONNETIX enhances discovery of both scientific and mathematical processes - ranging from creating a rainbow colour wheel, a 3D anatomical model, flower presses or signature ball runs, to making a multiplication chart, tessellating shapes, math equations and much more! Simply through engaging with CONNETIX, young people are acquiring the skills and knowledge to design, construct, and engineer, as well as innovate structures based on their insights of real-time feedback. Increasingly popular in modern classrooms, CONNETIX can elevate interactivity with the inclusion of robots travelling through a colourful maze or even embarking on a tile coding challenge.

The versatility of CONNETIX means it can be applied to a variety of theoretical concepts and across diverse learning modalities. Providing a range of visual and kinaesthetic input in classroom settings, maximises students’ ability to comprehend and retain content as it aligns with adolescent STRENGTHS and how young adults learn best. Varied learning styles harnessed by CONNETIX are particularly important in supporting young people with additional learning needs or sensory processing difficulties as it provides a helpful teaching aid to stay on task and cement new information with real-life scenarios. 

Fostering autonomy and student ‘voice and choice’ in the senior years of education is paramount to successful engagement. The open-ended nature of CONNETIX helps to establish student-led and inquiry-based teaching methods. When incorporating interactive resources in education, young people are invited to be curious, reflective, and truly ACTIVE participants in their own learning, cultivating a deeper understanding.

As both an individual and collaborative learning tool, CONNETIX encourages peers to communicate, negotiate, problem solve and build relationships to achieve a common goal. Unlocking important teamwork and social skills in classroom settings, all occurring organically!

Combining versatile and hands-on resources to theoretical concepts optimises educational outcomes and student engagement in the pivotal senior schooling years. An invaluable tool for educators and support staff alike, CONNETIX are championing student engagement and the importance of learning in both fun and imaginative ways.

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