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CIVIQ: Problem: outdated drinking troughs fail victorian students.

Primary school in Victoria replaces antiquated drinking water stations.

The teachers and managers at Boronia Heights Primary School, had a problem. Their aging drinking trough was over 50 years old. It desperately needed an upgrade. The outdated design was no longer functional. The school was concerned about the hygiene and quality of the drinking water provided to its students. And the lack of bottle refill options.

The 50-year-old school drinking trough at Boronia Heights Primary School, in Victoria

Solution: install the Hydrobank drinking water station.

The lack in options to refill a bottle makes it difficult for students to stay hydrated. On top of that, the plain stainless-steel design lacked appeal. It did not engage students. School Business Manager Lori Lundberg recognised the need for an upgrade. After doing her research, she discovered Civiq’s drinking water stations. These units offered several advantages over traditional troughs.

The Civiq Hydrobank with Aboriginal Art replaced the old-school drinking through

Benefits: what makes the Hydrobank apart from

  • Hygiene: The Hydrobank features left-to-right flowing fountains. This minimises the risk of contaminating the water source you see with traditional bubblers.

  • Bottle RefillMultiple bottle refill points encourage students to bring reusable bottles and reduce plastic waste.

  • Durable Stainless Steel: Constructed with robust materials, the Hydrobank is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday school life.

  • Cool Design: Boronia Heights chose the Hydrobank with an Authentic Aboriginal Art design panel. This creates a visually appealing unit. And resonates with the school’s culture and values.

Innovative drinking water solution

Student health and well-being is a top priority for. And when it comes to hydration, Boronia Heights Primary School has found a powerful solution: the Hydrobank. This innovative water station profoundly impacted the school community. lncreased hydration, reduced waste, healthier choices, and positive engagement.

Lori Lundberg, BM at Boronia heights primary school

“Our old drink taps were over 50 years old. We really needed an update. We loved the unique look of Civiq’s drink stations and are extremely happy with the finished product. We highly recommend them.”


The Hydrobank has proven to be a successful solution for the Boronia Heights Primary School’s outdated and unhygienic drinking troughs. The drinking water station encourages student hydration, reduces waste, and promotes healthy choices. And the cherry on the cake… This is achieved with a visually appealing and engaging environment for students and staff.

Civiq | The Art of Hydration 

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