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Beyond the Classroom: Surpass all expectations as a teacher: Elevate your teaching skills and empower your students

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and need support, You are not alone. Your role as a teacher and leader within the community is becoming one of increased responsibility and workload. 

Experts from the University of Melbourne estimate that anywhere between 8 - 50 percent of teachers leave the profession within 5 years. Not because they want to, but because they feel like they have to because they have no answers to the growing pressures being placed upon them. 

This has a real cost to the Australian educational budget and, more importantly, educational pathways for our Australian students. Children are losing the opportunity to be taught by outstanding teachers. 

Why are they leaving? 

Results of several studies have shown that the reasons for early departures vary, but ranking high among them consistently were heavy workloads, insufficient recognition and reward, low wages, and poor work-life balance, according to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). 

Peta understands what you are going through because she was there too. She knows the feeling of being overwhelmed as a teacher and then again as a principal. It wasn’t until she developed the systems and processes that are now part of her “Dare To Be A Rockstar Teacher” program did things change. 

Peta now coaches teachers and principals on simple yet powerful strategies that allow them to take on the challenges they face and grow. 

Dare To Be A Rockstar Teacher has been designed to provide coaching to educators and can be integrated into a school program or accessed for individual coaching. 

The core philosophy of Beyond the Classroom is to support educators in being the best they can in the classroom or in the principal’s office. 

Designed to provide support to teaching professionals by instilling confidence and helping them adapt to the changing demands of the profession, Peta works to support schools in developing a framework for prioritising teacher workflows, wellbeing, and self-care. 

Although the program focuses on the logistics of goal support, the foundation is designed to support staff wellbeing. 

Dare To Be A Rockstar Teacher is based on the CASELS framework, with a 6-month long commitment for schools that produces quantifiable data at the onset and close of the program. It includes strategy and support sessions with your well-being officers alongside group coaching for your teachers. The program concludes with a celebration breakfast for all of the participating staff members. 

With Beyond the Classroom, you’re not just addressing immediate concerns, but you’re compassionately investing in a supportive, vibrant future for your school community, ensuring every educator and student thrives. 

“There are so many good teachers out there and with a bit of help and support, and a voice, they could be teaching for another three to five years,” Ms Jeppesen said. 

“It starts with making yourself a priority.” 

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