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Berry Street Education Model: strategies to increase student engagement with learning

Teachers experience day-to-day challenges of managing increasingly complex student behaviours whilst delivering targets for academic growth, wellbeing and success. Despite best efforts to develop resilience in students, teachers often feel ill-equipped to address the social and emotional needs of their students.

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) is a practical approach to teaching and learning that enables teachers to increase engagement with students with complex, unmet learning needs and successfully improve all students’ self-regulation, growth and academic achievement. Our unique approach is informed by 25 years of trauma-informed practice, positive psychology and the science of learning research. More than 60,000 educators across 2,500 schools worldwide have participated in BSEM and an independent evaluation carried out by the University of Melbourne has suggested that learning gains after implementing BSEM are particularly significant for students who have previously struggled to achieve, reporting up to two years of literacy growth in just one academic year.

Working together, BSEM helps schools strengthen their whole school approach to build safer, healthier and more engaged classrooms where every student is ready to learn and able to thrive.

“The Berry Street Education Model is the foundation of all our work at Doveton College. We are seeing calm and orderly learning environments, and improvements in student motivation, classroom behaviour, self-regulation and goal setting.”

— Debra Gibson Principal,

Doveton College

How to get started

Our Berry Street Education Model four-day course is the foundational training you need to bring the model into your classroom and to your whole school.

The foundation course is suitable for all educators – school teachers, leaders and support staff.

Our expert team delivers training to individuals or whole schools, online or in-person.

Public course

Attend one of our Four Day Courses offered in various cities and online. Register at

Whole school training

Contact us about hosting a training course at your site for your school community. Call (03) 9421 7538 or email to discuss your tailored program.

Are you curious about the range of training and consultation options that the Berry Street Education Model can offer your school? Our roadmap shown on the next page is a handy reference guide for all the ways that we can support you and your school to apply and sustain trauma-informed and strength-based practice.

03 9421 7538


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