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Berry Street Education Model(BSEM): A whole school approach to student engagement and wellbeing

When teachers create a proactive, pre-emptive, strengths-based classroom, students learn better.

Shaped by 140 years of experience, decades of research and thousands of dedicated teachers, the Berry Street Education Model equips both mainstream and specialist schools with practical, classroom-based strategies to build safer, healthier and more engaging classrooms for all students. More than 59,000 Australia educators across over 2,000 schools have completed our four-day foundation training and started implementing trauma-informed and strengths-based education model in their classrooms and whole schools.

BSEM case study: Monterey Secondary College, Frankston North, VIC

In early 2021, the staff at Monterey Secondary College completed the initial four days of Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) training and are well on their way towards successful implementation of Berry Street’s trauma-informed well-being strategies for teaching, learning and student engagement.

Principal Peter Langham shares his reflections on the three years of Monterey’s BSEM journey. We have teams of staff working together and using the BSEM language, routines, processes, and Ready to Learn Plans—and priming their classrooms for learning through positive emotion, fun and rigour. Along with the many BSEM strategies the staff are enacting to increase student engagement, the staff has also been utilising BSEM strategies to support teacher capability to increase on-task learning and the effective use of restorative practices throughout the campus.

We are only just scratching the surface of our implementation of BSEM but the impact this work has had is already so significant.

University of Melbourne research suggests that learning gains after implementing BSEM are particularly significant for students who have

previously struggled to achieve, reporting up to two years of literacy growth in just one academic year.

The Berry Street Education Model helps staff by developing their capacity to take strategies back to their schools and classes, leading to whole-school changes in culture and teacher practice. We celebrate Monterey Secondary College and the many like-schools across our country working towards educational equity each day through sustaining practice change and support for their young people.

Find our training course options that suit you or contact us to talk about our whole-school training programs tailored to the specific needs of your school community.

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